eft and mindfulness retreat in methoni at casa marina

EFT and Mindfulness Retreat in Methoni

WHAT’S UP: I’ve teamed up with Mindfulness Teacher and fellow EFT Practitioner, Marina Kastrinaki, to co-host an EFT Tapping and Mindfulness retreat. Join us for a getaway weekend to connect with yourself, nature, and community. The retreat will be hosted at Casa Marina overlooking the magical bay of Methoni!

Retreat location Casa Marina Methoni view
View from Casa Marina


EFT Tapping for goals

EFT Tapping is a relaxation method where you tap on key acupressure points (see image above) for a wide range of issues, from anxiety to chronic pain conditions to stress-related sugar cravings, or even clearing limiting beliefs. Also known as Tapping, EFT has been around for more than 40 years and researched for more than 20 years. 

The 250+ published journal articles on EFT show it positively affects a range of biochemistry in the body (e.g. positive changes in brain activity, cortisol, and DNA expression – see key studies below).

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You will:

  • feel more present, energized and connected
  • gain new clarity and understanding of your needs, including those of your body, in the present moment
  • learn how to release stress, tension, or pain by connecting to your body in gentle ways
  • be empowered with a set of tools to handle your emotions better when facing adversity
  • deepen your awareness of how your body, emotions and thoughts are connected
  • be able to bring new energy to your personal goals and chip away at emotional/somatic/cognitive blocks that keep you from moving forward
  • breathe new life into your emotional practice for the winter months! 


EFT and mindfulness retreat


Treat yourself to a fantastic experience that includes:

  • combined care from two passionate practitioners sharing their easy-to-use tools for grounding, centering and restoring your well-being
  • traditional dishes at Niko’s taverna (Saturday night), delicious food (Sunday lunch) and healthy refreshments and snacks at Casa Marina
  • pack of simple EFT Tapping and mindfulness self-care materials
  • accommodation & breakfast at the luxurious Achilleas Hill Hotel (2 nights)


Total retreat price: €375 per person 

(incl. accommodation & breakfast)


Bring-a-friend discount: €325 per person 

(share a room, save €50 each)


RSVP by October 9th. 

For inquiries: eleni@elenivardaki.com or marinabeena@yahoo.com


Both Eleni and Marina started their careers as classroom teachers and now offer programs and services around emotional hygiene and well-being education after qualifying as EFT Practitioners.

Eleni with an emphasis on IB schools following her career as an IB History/TOK teacher. Marina with an emphasis on Mindfulness and Self-Compassion following additional certification.