Georgia Tech well-being initiative

Georgia Tech Well-Being Initiative: Tapping for Staff and Students

WHAT’S UP: In June 2024, Eleni will be an invited Guest Speaker at the online University System Georgia (USG) WellBeing Workshop. Since 2020, Georgia Tech has been offering Tapping Circles for staff well-being. This Georgia Tech well-being initiative started out as peer-to-peer well-being initiatives primarily for staff members. However, Tapping@GT is looking forward to being able to expand the reach to the student population with the recent additional funding and support. Read more below, and join us if you can!

TAPPING@GT (Georgia Tech)

Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) is one of America’s leading research universities. It’s ranked seventh among U.S. News & World Report’s top public universities. Georgia Tech offers degrees from Business, Computing, Design, Engineering, and Sciences to Liberal Arts.

These online Tapping Circles and workshops offered by the Tapping@GT Meditation Club fall under the umbrella of an broader University System of Georgia (USG) and Georgia Tech well-being and stress management initiative. 

To learn more about their live mindfulness and well-being events go to:   

Georgia Tech: Self-Regulation Tapping Circles 2023-2024

University System of Georgia (USG): Well-being Events Calendar

Direct link to book your spot for the June 21st 2024 USG online workshop where Eleni Vardaki will be a Guest Speaker:

Tapping into Calm: Sensory Based Stress Management & Mindfulness Tools

This workshop is open to the guests from outside the USG community. Sign up through the link above if you’d like to participate!


Eleni Vardaki - educational articles and collaborations for individuals and schools

Eleni Vardaki (BA, PGCE, QTS, MEd, EFT Practitioner) is an experienced educator and Tapping Coach who specializes in stress, anxiety, and academic success. She works with both school and university level students who want her assistance on clearing their inner blocks to achieving their personal, career-related, or academic goals. She leads online and on-site group sessions for psychotherapists, classroom teachers, and other allied professionals interested in learning new tapping skills.


Eleni is also leading a workshop in Crete at the 9th ENSEC Conference (September 5-7th 2024). It’s called “EFT in Schools Boosting SEL and Mental Health”. 

The conference is open to anyone who is interested in learning from researchers and practitioners who study and/or work with schools.