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Eleni is a qualified EFT Practitioner, certified and accredited by EFT International.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Also known as 'Tapping' or just 'EFT', EFT Tapping is a collection of stress management techniques.

The 250+ published journal articles show EFT Tapping is consistently successful in positively affecting a range of biochemistry in the body. Examples include: improved cortisol, brain activity, and even DNA expression. 


€70 for a 1-hour session

€240 for a 4-session package

€600 for a 12-session package

Complementary 30-minute introductory Zoom call to see if it’s a match. 

Contact: eleni@elenivardaki.com


EFT Tapping for goals

In Clinical EFT Tapping, we use our fingers to stimulate key acupressure points that quickly and effectively reduce stress. So unlike Emotionally-Focused Therapy (also abbreviated EFT), which is essentially a type of talk therapy, EFT Tapping uses a combination of cognitive and somatic methods to clear stress-related body sensations as well as negative thoughts and emotions.

EFT Tapping works by interrupting the stress response (Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Faint) that occurs in our body when we think about a stressful event or high-pressure situation. It can therefore help us prepare for and navigate stressful events and situations with more confidence, calm, and grace. It does this dissolving how much just thinking about a difficult situation or memory in the past, present our future triggers our body’s stress response (e.g., tension in the chest/stomach/neck, heart starts racing, lower back pain, shallow breathing, negative thought loops/emotions, avoidance behaviour, sleep disturbance, etc). 


EFT Practitioner services - EFT coaching for adults

“A wonderfully positive, well-paced and seamlessly managed 1 hour workshop which resulted in an immediate shift within myself. Eleni is a true professional demonstrating depth of knowledge, experience and skill. Suitable for newcomers to EFT as well as practitioners. Thank you Eleni for a great workshop!” – Sheralyn, UK

“On 11 June 2023, I joined your EFT Tapping workshop for clearing blocks to achieving your goals. My main aim was to seek assistance in transitioning from my years long professional leadership role back into a common man life’s one. Your workshop helped me lay the first steps towards a decluttered life. Thank you for your support.” – Konstantinos, Greece



Examples of the sorts of things students (from the little ones, all the way up to Masters level students) in my private practice have said about EFT Tapping: 

  • I was so skeptical of it. I’d watched some videos on YouTube about EFT. I was very skeptical. But 1 hour in, it clearly works. What did it for me was the fast results. Getting relief after only 1 session. Even if it was just something small, it’s still relief. So yeah, I’d say 10/10!” – Year 12 student
  • I don’t really feel any sadness, because at school in between lessons, to work on that sadness, I tapped during the break. I had some thoughts. I realized I went back to the points of where I felt sad, so I could basically picture that moment in my head…so let’s say maybe that was 10 minutes long, within some of those 10 minutes (of tapping), I realized there might have been something happy happening whilst that sad thing was going on. So there’s nothing to be sad about if there are happy stuff.” – Year 5 student
  • Woot woot!! It has been a productive, focused like crazy, and mindfully eating day! I just submitted my Masters assignment, over 24 hours before the deadline, and feel great. Thank you for your guidance, and for really inspiring me to look into tapping more.” – Part-time Masters Student & full-time Primary School Teacher
  • Tapping has helped me create better art. I tap, I think about what I want to draw, and I do it. When you look at my before-tapping drawings and my after-tapping drawings, you can see that it’s on another level. I think EFT helps connect with the human senses. Sports and arts are something human.” – Grade 11 student  
  • Tapping helped me realize my blockages were fear of failure and not having good study skills. The tapping helped me build a good habit of scheduling and managing my time better and getting things done, so I could make better progress on my dissertation.” – Final Year University student (Undergrad)
  • “I am feeling a bit stressed about the Maths exam, but I’m feeling comforted knowing that I’m gonna tap. Because I know I’m gonna study, I’m gonna tap, and it’s gonna be okay. Because I have these techniques.” – Year 8 student.
  • Tapping is kinda like a booster before you do something. Tapping has helped me when I wanted to study for an exam because I didn’t want to fail. But I felt boredom, tiredness, and like my brain was completely melting when I tried to remember stuff. Before tapping, I would open the book, but I couldn’t understand what I was reading. So a part of me wanted to play video games rather than study. After tapping I felt boosted so I could concentrate and study.” – Grade 11 student.
  • “Since I’ve been doing this tapping thing, I’ve been thinking, ‘Why should we not do this in schools?’ I think it’s a lot more useful than, like, Pascal’s triangle! It’s a lot more useful.” – Grade 12 student

These come from students at different stages of their Tapping journey who have experienced tapping within the context of a broader ongoing EFT coaching program with me. There is only so far you can go with self-help EFT Tapping meditations; successful learning of EFT skills and personal transformation happens in relationship.



I do. I’m qualified to work with all ages as a therapeutic coach using Emotional Freedom Techniques.  

I’ve successfully assisted people ages 8 to 89 with amazing results – irrespective of age. 

EFT working has nothing to do with age. What matter is that someone is ready to ‘go there’, to feel their feelings and do the inner work. It’s about being ready to face your problem or issue. 

EFT isn’t something an EFT Practitioners “does to you”. You need to be committed to working on overcoming your problem or issue through a “teamwork” approach with your EFT Practitioner. The best results are co-created. As is true for any transformational coaching, teaching, and therapeutic approach.

For Safeguarding and Child Protection, I only ever tap with children in Primary School with a parent present. The benefit of that for the parent is that the parent gets taps along to benefit their own well-being as well, and it’s also good for the parent-child relationship as the parent learns a new skills by tapping along and borrowing benefits for themselves that they can then use to help their child when they are struggling to self-regulate in daily life activities.

However because little ones are particularly vulnerable to emotional contagion, I do first require doing a few tapping sessions just with the parent. After we reduce the parents’ worries and anxiety about their child’s behavior, social, or academic problem, which helps the child indirectly, when then bring the child in to do sessions directly for the child’s well-being. 

It’s important that we work together with the parent to prepare the foundation for an effective tapping session with the child before introducing EFT to the child.

I have age-appropriate screening tools that even GPs in the NHS (General Practitioners in the English medical system of public health) use to know whether a child or adult needs to be referred to a licensed trauma therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist because there may possibly be something there that requires diagnosis or treatment. 

What I offer are 1:1 preventative care EFT and coaching programs. I can help people change their habits and emotional state when they are still in the ‘moderate’ and ‘moderate severe’ anxiety and well-being states, so that they can prevent their problem escalating into something more serious, like an Anxiety Disorder or Panic Disorder. I cannot help someone who is experiencing the ‘severe anxiety’ or ‘severe well-being issues’ range of stress.  

I also have pretty good intuition. So if the screening tools suggest it is just a preventative care/well-being challenge, but something feels off and like there may be something there that’s beyond what I can help with, I do also take my intuition into account.

No. As a UK-qualified teacher and UK-qualified EFT Practitioner specialised in stress, anxiety, and academic performance, my job is not to diagnose or treat mental illnesses or addictions.

Only Psychologists/Psychiatrists who are licensed mental health care providers with the skills and qualifications to diagnose and treat mental illnesses can diagnose and treat mental illnesses. 

If you suspect that you (or your child, if you are a parent seeking help for your child) may be experiencing a mental illness such as Panic Disorder, PTSD, clinically diagnosable levels of Depression, or any other medical conditions that may be related to a chronic or acute build-up of stress in the body, you are responsible for seeking advice from appropriate licensed medical professionals. 

Every case is different, it depends on what the situation is. 

Sometimes the way I coach people using EFT Tapping for goals combines my teaching and coaching skills from my previous career as a classroom teacher with the EFT protocol for goals and peak performance. For example, I sometimes coach people to break their big goal down into smaller SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). And we then tap on any emotional, cognitive, or somatic sensation stress blocks that come up to them thinking about achieving one of their SMART goals. 

This is one way that I structure my work with a child or adult using EFT session packages.

Other times, after doing some sessions for grounding and inner resourcing, we need to then do some emotional processing work on any memories from past similar experiences that may still carry an emotional charge. Because that could actually affect how a child or adult perceives their ability to achieve their goal in future, if left unprocessed. Only then does it make sense for us to do ‘future tapping’ (tapping on what’s blocking them when they think of achieving their goal in future). 

Either way, a structured coaching program that involves advance planning with sessions taking place a good few weeks or months before an important event is generally recommended if someone is striving for peak performance. 

Whatever the case may be, as with all my 4-week and 12-week programs, I need to know where we are heading before we start tapping. And so the purpose of the first session with a child or adult wanting to do EFT Tapping for goals / peak performance with me is to work on clarifying and agreeing on what the goal(s) are that the client wants us to work on together.


"Eleni’s talent lies in the fact that not only is she a highly skilled EFT Practitioner, she has deep intuition and vast experience of helping people. Her innate ability to combine these talents makes for a powerful transition when you work with her. Highly recommended!"
Marlene Rose Shaw - Therapist, Coach, Self-Help Author
Marléne Rose Shaw
Therapist, Coach, Author
“I tried tapping with Eleni after my first semester of teaching. I was extremely tired and was drowning in work. I also had a toxic friendship which was bringing me down mentally. After the session, I was headache-free for the first time in months! Eleni helped me clarify my thoughts and clear the rubbish lying around in my head. After the session I was able the clear the rubbish on my desk too, because I felt the energy running through my body. I also ‘broke up’ with the toxic friend. I never thought I would have the strength to do it but I finally did! The tapping made my mind clear so I could think about what it was doing to my life and mental health. So, basically I cleaned up my life after ONE session of tapping. Thank you, Eleni. Keep helping people with this method!”
Marie Vanderbruggen - Secondary School Teacher
Secondary School Teacher, Belgium
"I briefly experienced EFT (many years ago). I cannot say I was very excited. When I met Eleni I thought I would give it another chance. The lady rocks!! She is so good in helping you clear your mind. She is so good in managing to bring you back to life. She is so good in making you "go again" and find out what holds you back. Eleni, a big big thank you for all your effort, for all your love in what you do and all the courage you gave me through rough times."
Georgia Papademetriou
Georgia Papademetriou
Nerve Reflexologist, Ear Acupuncturist