Academic coaching Fees

Pay as you go: €70 (1 hour session)

4-session saver pack: €240 (1 hour session x 4)

10-session saver pack: €500 (1 hour session x 10)

Schedule and use your sessions within 4 months. Book a complementary 15 minute meeting to see if it’s a match.


Typical challenges experienced by students I’ve coached include: 

  • exam/test anxiety, panic attacks/forgetting what they studied in tests or exams
  • time management problem/ineffective study method
  • poor academic self-esteem/confidence
  • study procrastination (‘flight’ stress response)
  • skipping school/university when there is a test/exam due to stress and fear of failure
  • learning difficulties and/or concentration/motivation problem

I’m a UK-qualified teacher experienced in coaching school students who want help with their:

  • back to school stress and anxiety (psychosomatic pains like stomach pain at the thought of going back)
  • written mock exams and final examinations (GCSEs, IGCSEs, A levels, IB Diploma, European Baccalaureate, Greek Panellinies exams)
  • oral exams and assessed presentations
  • university/college application interviews (both online and in-person)
  • school plays, oral exams, assessed presentations, and other non-academic areas of school life that can bring up performance anxiety
  • High School curriculum tests and exams 
  • Middle school curriculum tests and exams (Greek, international, American, British, and European school system)
  • Upper primary (last 2 years of primary school) tests and exams (e.g. end of Year 6 Cambridge exams in British international school system) 

I’ve also coached adults to help them achieve their goal(s) related to their:

  • university/college exams and resits
  • dissertation and big assignment deadlines 
  • assessed school placement lesson observations (teacher training certification)
  • university oral exam prep
  • exams for professional development/advancement


For some learners, one or more unhealthy habit is behind their motivation/stress issue with schoolwork. We then work together to help them replace their old stress-based habits (e.g. avoiding sitting down to study/procrastination, stress eating before studying, numbing out on social media 2+ hours a day, etc) that they want to replace with better study/organization habits and healthier morning/sleep routines.

Others have already established good study and healthy sleep/self-care habits. So we agree to go straight into focusing on helping them reduce their test/performance/exam-related stress, panic, fear of getting a panic attack in a particular test/exam, fear of failure, problem/motivation concentrating, or any negative emotion that comes up when they think about opening a textbook they have to study, for example.

That being said, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to academic coaching. I tailor my sessions and work to the specific challenges that student is facing and work with them through a teamwork approach to identify what may be blocking them from improving their performance in one or more areas so that we can problem-solve accordingly.



"Eleni is so professional. She is a support person during those challenging teenage years and demanding school system."
Laura Liverakos
Mother of four