Greek Yoga Teacher EFT Tapping Stretch Test

Greek Yoga Teacher Tries EFT Stretch Test

WHAT’S THE ISSUE: Does EFT Tapping really work? Greek Yoga Teacher, Anastasia Kapralou, was open to doing an experiment. We agreed to try the EFT Tapping stretch test to see if Tapping actually works to relax the body so far as to even help an already flexible human being (a Yoga Teacher!) be even more flexible.

Anastasia gave consent for this to be recorded, even though she genuinely doubted it would work. But she was open to having a go, nonetheless. In this 7-minute video, I walk you through the steps we took to measure the impact of each EFT round, and what we said and did that led to this result. I end by explaining how you can try the EFT Stretch Test yourself if you’re curious to see how it works and have a first-hand experience of this fun little exercise.

For context, I learned about the EFT stretch test from a self-paced training program I did with award-winning Clinical Psychologist and EFT Researcher, Dr Peta Stapleton that’s called Tapping in the Classroom. You can learn more about Dr Stapleton and this virtual training for educators and school counsellors here.



Eleni Vardaki is a UK-qualified teacher, EFT Practitioner, and Educational Consultant (for international schools) who specializes in stress, anxiety, and academic success. She is experienced in tapping with and teaching adults and children (upper primary and older). She combines her teaching and academic coaching skills with her EFT Practitioner skills to coach teachers, students, and others who have a goal they want to achieve but are feeling blocked by stressful emotions, thoughts, or physical aches or pains. To learn more about Eleni’s EFT services go to EFT Practitioner services.