EFT for fear of doing a Backbend from Standing with EFT Tapping - Eleni Vardaki coaching

EFT for Fear of Doing a Backbend

WHAT’S UP: Ever wonder what being coached by a qualified EFT Practitioner looks like? In this video, I pull the curtain back on my private practice to share an example of how EFT for fear is helping teachers, students, and others face their fear to achieve a challenging goal. In this video, you see me coaching Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Anastasia Kapralou, using EFT Tapping. Anastasia gave permission for this session to be recorded. This was not the first time we tapped together, and as you can tell from the body language, we know each other. We have rapport.

For EFT Tapping coaching of dependent kids, parents need to be aware that I will only start doing EFT sessions with their child if the child is ready to start working with me on clearing the inner blocks that are holding them back from achieving a goal. For example, the child may need to be ready to face their emotional blocks, like their fear of failure. We can’t do EFT for fear if a child isn’t ready to face their fear. Also, please be aware that I go at the child’s pace. So we only go as far and as fast as the child or young adult is ready to go, for ethical and safety reasons.



Eleni Vardaki is a UK-qualified teacher, EFT Practitioner, and Educational Consultant (for international schools) who specializes in stress, anxiety, and academic success. She is experienced in tapping with and teaching adults and children (upper primary and older). She combines her teaching and academic coaching skills with her EFT Practitioner skills to coach teachers, students, and others who have a goal they want to achieve but are feeling blocked by stressful emotions, thoughts, or physical aches or pains. To learn more about Eleni’s EFT services go to EFT Practitioner services.