Glitter jar activity for calming breaths with Eleni Vardaki

Glitter Jar Activity for Calming Breaths

WHAT’S UP: One of the mindfulness exercises I teach schools and the younger students in my private and school training sessions is Glitter Jar Breathing. Great for helping kids understand why stopping to regulate their emotions matters, especially when done at the start of a lesson. They get it, and they like it! I’ve even tried this with an 8th grader I was mentoring on Zoom who’s immediate reaction was wide-eyes. He reported finding it “cool”! 

So while you may read about people saying this is for preschool and primary school students, I encourage you to get to know your students and go by their personality and interests rather than just biological age.

glitter jar activity for calming down explained

glitter jar activity: FOLLOW ALONG AND BREATHE

Glitter jar activity calming activity with Eleni Vardaki

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