Tapping with Children and Teachers in London

GUEST SPEAKER: Schools in London are hiring Advanced EFT Practitioner, Emma Arden, in collaboration with Beam Academy, to come in and introduce tapping to their students and staff. In this interview Emma talks about her experiences from 2023 of tapping with children and teenagers in London via classrooms, assemblies, and INSET training. She also talks about the online CPD tapping training for teachers that she has created for Beam Academy, a UK-based company that offers yoga, mindfulness, and EFT Tapping in schools services.



EFT Practitioner Emma Arden tapping with children and teachers in schools in London

Emma Arden has collaborated with Beam Academy to tap with children and teachers in schools in London. She’s also working with Beam Academy to deliver a one-day EFT Tapping Workshop. This introduction to tapping will be CPD accredited and will give you the basic knowledge of how to add EFT Tapping into your current skill set when working with children at home, in your private practice, or in school. The workshop is designed for adults to work with children of all ages and backgrounds, developing the skills needed to manage their emotions. You’ll be able to improve a child’s well-being to lead a healthy, happy life, including SEN, ADHD & children with PTSD. We can also come to your school and deliver the EFT training in person or online as a group.

If you want something a little more bespoke, like a shorter Tapping workshop either for the children or your teachers, talk to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you: https://www.beam.academy/