Emotional Causes of Disease by Gabrielle Rutten

Emotional Causes of Disease

GUEST SPEAKER: Emotional Freedom Techniques specialist, Gabrielle Rutten MD, has abundant practice-based evidence that shows how finding the root causes of disease helps the body heal. Even though she finished Medical School with honors, she has abandoned he work as a doctor because she has discovered that EFT helps to identify the emotional causes of disease and lead to true healing. She is happy she discovered EFT because she now no longer has to limit herself to treating symptoms only and being totally frustrated by the poor results. 

As an MD, she strongly believes in resolving the real problem and not in treating symptoms with medication or otherwise. Drugs only mask what is going on and almost always have serious adverse side effects. This is not a route that she would recommend if you want to be healthy and happy!

EFT for Emotional Causes of Disease

Do you have any of the following and would like to learn more about the emotional causes of your disease?

  • Musculoskeletal issues (e.g. Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, easily breaking a bone, paralysis)
  • Digestive issues (e.g. constipation, Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, gluten intolerance)
  • Skin issues (e.g. skin rashes, eczema, acne, herpes) 
  • Poor blood circulation (e.g. heart disease, varicose veins)
  • Allergies
  • Breast cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke 

Listen to Gabrielle Rutten and fellow EFT Practitioner Alison Brock sharing their experiences of EFT for emotional causes of disease and illness.

The book Gabrielle refers to in this talk is one she co-authored with Gary Craig in 2023. It’s called Optimal EFT from A to Z: How to Use Both Forms of Emotional Freedom Techniques for Self-Healing. 

How EFT FOR PHYSICAL ISSUES Differs from Acupuncture

Sometimes people wonder why bother doing EFT sessions with an EFT Practitioner when acupuncture also works on the body’s meridian system (also known as the Primo Vascular System) to reduce stress…and all you have to do in acupuncture is lie down! 

While acupuncture works on the meridians, as does EFT, the unique property of EFT is that it severs the link between trigger and stress response. In EFT sessions we: 

  • Identify what is the specific moment that a client’s stress reaction is activated
  • Get in touch with it, tap and test it to see if the stress reaction decreased
  • Keep tapping and testing the intensity of the client’s stress response to the trigger until that specific reaction to a moment or memory has been neutralized.

Acupuncture relieves symptoms but it does not resolve the stress pattern, because for that you have to consciously be aware of: what the stress response feels like, work with the emotional component of that stress response, identify a specific emotional moment when , have the client relive the moment in the now, and then put the needles in for whatever is there. If that were to happen in an acupuncture session, then that would be EFT with needles

In EFT sessions for working on the emotional causes of disease, we also tap on the emotions a client may have towards their symptoms (pain, tension, itchiness, ringing in ears, tingling, fatigue, nausea) as well as on the emotions they have about their medical diagnosis. This is because the symptoms themselves and the medical diagnosis can also trigger a client’s stress response, so we want to work on neutralizing those triggers as well.

Meanwhile, limiting beliefs in our mind affect our body’s ability to heal. In EFT sessions we work on neutralizing the emotional intensity from specific past situations when the limiting belief got installed. Tapping on current situations that trigger is a way into resolving the stress pattern as it will eventually lead you to past situations where the belief was formed, and then reinforced. 

Tapping to neutralize how triggered you feel when you think about each of these situations will eventually allow your brain to spontaneously experience a cognitive reframe whereby your limiting belief no longer feels true for you and your stress response stops getting triggered so much, which prevents your body’s ability to heal. 

EFT works for phobias, anxiety, depression, fear of public speaking, low self esteem, traumas, PTSD, general stress, eating disorders, addictions but also for backaches, headaches, migraines, arthritis, allergies and so much more.

About the SPEAKER

Emotional Causes of Disease by Gabrielle Rutten

Gabrielle Rutten has her own practice as a qualified EFT Practitioner since 1999 but she has been helping people with their issues much longer for about 35 years. She is a consultant, coach, trainer, and EFT Practitioner. A Master EFT trainer, she is the director of the Official EFT Training Center for the Netherlands and Belgium since 2016. Before starting her own business, she was a Social Welfare Officer in the United Nations in Kosovo, an Occupational Physician, and a clinical researcher in the Internal Medicine field. She does Zoom consultations in English with people all over the world. Learn more at: https://www.eftpraktijkactrom.nl/home-english/