Meditation for Releasing Pandemic Related Stress with Eleni Vardaki

[GUIDED MEDITATION] Tapping Away Pandemic Stress

WHAT’S THE ISSUE: The stress of the pandemic has added to already stressful life transitions for students and parents, particularly if they are also transitioning into a new school or country. This 5-minute tapping meditation helps parents and students who want to release unhelpful levels of pandemic stress that is exacerbating the challenges they face.

Hi, I’m Eleni. I’m a certified and accredited Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. In this video I demonstrate the Emotional Freedom Technique, which has helped me thrive while living in a pandemic. 


(00:10) This is the starting point for the meditation, and it’s called the Karate Chop Point. Side of the hand. You can tap with 3 fingers with 4 fingers with 2 – just play around with it. Experiment. There is no right or wrong, you know, it works either way. The important thing is for you to see what feels better for you. This is the starting point, and this is where we focus on what we want to process and release.

(01:46Side of the Hand: Even though this is causing me so much stress, I accept myself anyway. And even though I feel really stressed when I think of this pandemic situation, I love myself anyway. And even though I feel a lot of stress when I think of this pandemic-related situation, I’m here to work on that so that I can be OK.



Top of the Head: All this stress

Eyebrow: I acknowledge how I’m feeling

Side of the Eye: [And you can do two hands. You can do one hand. Just play around with it and see what you like. You know, what feels better for you. Everyone’s different.] So much stress

Under The Eye: I feel really stressed about this

Under the Nose: And I feel it in my…[Filling the gap – Where in your body do you feel it? Do you feel it in your head? Is it around your eyes? Is it on your neck and your chest? Sometimes some people feel stress in their chest where they feel chest pain.

Under the Mouth: All this tension in my body.

Collarbone: So much stress

Under the Arm: [And here under the arm, it’s just a few centimeters, just about an inch under the armpit. And if you want, you can also use both hands] The stress that the pandemic has caused



Top of the Head: This stressful pandemic

Eyebrow: It’s caused so many problems

Side of the Eye: So much….[What’s behind the stress? Can you identify an emotion? Is it worry? Is it fear? Is it anxiety?]

Under the Eye: All this…[Fill in the gap with whatever emotion it is that’s it’s coming up].

Under the Nose: So many emotions

Under the Mouth: So much intensity

Collarbone: I feel so stressed about it all

Under the Arm: So many things to think about.



Top of the Head: I want to release some of this stress.

Eyebrow: So that I can be OK

Side of the Eye: I want to process some of this stress

Under the Eye: So that I can think more clearly

Under the Nose: I want to relieve myself from some of this stress.

Under the Mouth: Cause too much stress is unhelpful

Collarbone: I’m ready to release some of this tension from my body

Under the Arm: I wanna feel calm and confident that I will find a way

(05:02) Take a nice breath in, and notice how you feel in your body.

Test The Intensity of the Stress [0-10 scale]

And then go back to the Post It note or the piece of paper and test the intensity of the distress, when you think of this particular situatio. Is it still the same? Has it gone up? Has it gone down? If it’s gone up, you know, that was truly what you felt. But sometimes when we’ve been repressing our emotions and just trying to keep it together and pushing our emotions away, we can lose touch with what we are actually feeling. And so what tapping can do is help us get back in touch. Whether it goes up or down, there’s been a shift, and that’s what we want. We want the energy to move so that it can start to be released from the body.


ABOUT THE Practitioner

Eleni Vardaki Youth Mentor and Workshop Leader

Eleni Vardaki is a certified and accredited EFT Practitioner and Youth Mentor for Stress Relief. She is based in Greece. She loves working with parents, students and teachers who are ready to release unhelpful levels of stress and overwhelm in her online private support sessions and programs.