Introduction to EFT for stress relief with Eleni Vardaki

EFT for Stress: A Brief Introduction for Newbies

EFT TAPPING FOR NEWBIES: Questions I often get from people who are new to EFT and are looking it up to try it for self-care and understand how it works include: “What do I say when I’m doing EFT on my own?” and “Where are the key EFT Tapping points? Do you actually need to tap on the fingers?” I answer these common questions in the bite-size EFT Tapping for Newbies videos below.

I’ve found that some people first hear about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) through a conference, or a social media post, or a Q&A app like Reddit. Others first hear about it from a teacher or university lecturer who does EFT for self-care and sees that they are stuck in unhelpful levels of academic stress, so they suggest the student try tapping to help them be calmer and more focused in class. Yet others, if they are school-age students, first hear about it when they meet me online with their mum to see if doing a private academic coaching and EFT program with me is a good fit. 

These videos are a brief introduction to EFT Tapping for stress that is not only suitable for adults but also High School students who are curious to see what EFT Tapping is like. I don’t only use EFT when working with school-age or adult students who want my help with reducing their stress and overwhelm. I’m also experienced in working with parents, grandparents, teachers (classroom teachers, yoga teachers, mindfulness teachers, dance teachers, etc), school psychologists/counselors, and school leaders who want to tap with me on something that’s keeping them stuck in a stressed and overwhelmed state. 

For students, parents need to be aware that I will only start doing EFT sessions with their child if they are ready to start working with me on clearing the inner blocks that are holding them back from concentrating and upgrading their study and self-care habits. For example, they may need to be ready to face their emotional blocks like their fear of failure. Also, I go at the child’s pace. So we only go as far and as fast as the child or young adult is ready to go at that point in time, for ethical and safety reasons.




Eleni Vardaki is a UK-qualified teacher, EFT Practitioner, and Educational Consultant (for international schools) who specializes in stress, anxiety, and academic success. She is experienced in tapping with and teaching adults and children (upper primary and older). When working with students in her private practice, she combines her teaching and academic coaching skills with her EFT skills to help students be more grounded, regulated, and resourced. That way students can face their academic challenge(s) with the calm concentration, confidence, and motivation needed to make better progress toward their academic goals. To learn more about Eleni’s offerings for individuals and schools you can go to Work with Me or Resources for Schools.