In this episode of ‘Let’s Talk About the IB’, Kleio Kartalis tackles 3 issues/stressors of the IB Diploma years that all put on a different kind of pressure and therefore require a slightly different tactic in order to cope.

For example, she talks about how university applications are a major long-term, continuous type of background stressor (most people think the worst is over when the application is sent, but that is far from the truth)…Then we have the stress of closely impending deadlines, which is different to the stress of revising for exams, yet both are more short-term and intense kinds of stress.

Needless to say, these are important issues that we need to talk about. And who better to talk to than someone who successfully navigated the stress of the IB while ambitiously studying for and sitting exams for a total of five HL IB subjects. Plus three 7s at HL.

Oh! And just in case you were wondering…she also made time for CAS, in a meaningful way. Like as in, not just ‘do it because you have to’ do CAS, to get the diploma. No. We’re talking doing CAS with heart and soul (#yesitispossible).


x Ms Vardaki

P.S. Know someone who’s stressing about their IB deadlines? Why not share this video with them. #sharingiscaring

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