IB Diploma parents

“I am confronted, more and more, with IB Diploma graduates who lack social skills and community development.”

In this episode of “Let’s Talk About the IB”, I had the honor of interviewing a wonderful father of 2 IB graduates, who also happens to be a senior representative for the EU diplomatic service.

My dad, Konstantinos Vardakis, flew in to Athens, en route from Baghdad to Brussels, specifically to make this video with his advice to parents who are new to the IB Diploma.

I hope you enjoy this exclusive window into the heart and mind of a conscientious, loving, supportive parent of 4, who has over 10 years of experience interviewing new recruits, many of whom where IB Diploma graduates.

The big question that came to my mind after I finished editing this interview is this: How is the IB Diploma program helping to make the world a better place…when more and more IB graduates are showing up to interviews for competitive jobs, lacking basic emotional and social skills?

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