EFT Tapping with Year 1 classes with Tina Bajjada

EFT Tapping with Year 1 Classes and Beyond

GUEST SPEAKER: Experienced Classroom Assistant and EFT Practitioner, Tina Bajjada, talks about teaching resources she has created to help children in Year 1 and beyond (e.g. Nursery, Year 5) to learn about their feelings and how to feel calmer and happier in class. In this interview she talks about:

  • why she started introducing EFT Tapping into the classroom as a Classroom Assistant over the years (working with children in Nursery at first, and Year 1 when we did the interview).
  • a wide range of ways in which she’s introduced tapping to the children in her school.
  • the teaching and learning benefits she’s observed from teaching children EFT in school as well as the Social Emotional Learning benefits for children in terms of how they relate to each other as friends and classmates. 

Tina also teaches parents and their child to tap in a fun and engaging way; she finds that learning to tap together encourages conversation, bonding, and understanding between parent and child as well as school staff and children in school. This in turn promotes healthier, more balanced relationships and helps to create harmony in the household and in the classroom.



Tina Bajjada, on EFT Tapping with Year 1 classes

Tina Bajjada is a Certified and Accredited EFT Practitioner with EFT International, as well as being certified as a Trauma Tapper with the Peaceful Hearts Network, recognising the symptoms of emotional stress and trauma in adults and children. These qualifications, coupled with 15 years’ experience as a Level 3 Teaching Assistant, have enabled her to introduce EFT Tapping into the classroom to meet the needs of the children and staff.