Emotional First Aid and Tapping in School with Jondi Whitis

Emotional First Aid and Tapping in Schools

GUEST SPEAKER: EFT Practitioner and Master Trainer, Jondi Whitis, talks about Emotional First Aid and Tapping as interventions in schools during troubling times. Jondi starting teaching kids how to tap to help them access the curriculum via her role as a Teaching Artist in the New York City school system. In this interview he talks about why:

  • she started introducing Tapping into the classroom as a Teaching Artist to help them access new information and so improve their Literacy skills.
  • how she has taught teachers to use tapping to help kids gather and get on the same page in class.
  • why body-up Emotional First-Aid and Tapping exercises are vital when working with kids who have experienced a troubling tragedy in their school or wider community. 

Jondi has co-authored a book called Emotional First-Aid for Children: How to Quickly Help in Times of Trouble that is packed with doable exercises that help us co-create a better new normal in schools.



Emotional First Aid and Tapping in School with Jondi Whitis

Jondi Whitis  Jondi Whitis is an Accredited Certified Master Trainer & Trainer of Trainers with the world’s largest non-profit EFT association, EFT International, highlighting her commitment to the highest standards of work and training. Jondi leads EFT training at all levels for practitioners worldwide, as well as offering training and valuable resources for tapping with children in schools (see TappingStar.com). You can learn about Jondi’s services and work at: JondiWhitis.com