EFT for teens with autism in the classroom, with Sandra o Farrell

Teens with Autism in the Classroom: SUPPORT STRATEGIES

GUEST SPEAKER: Special Class Teacher based in Ireland, Sandra o Farrell, is a Louise Hay Facilitator and EFT Practitioner who has been introducing EFT for teens with autism in the classroom to support them in feeling calmer and happier. In this interview she talks about:

  1. Why she decided to introduce EFT Tapping in the classroom where she works as a Special Class Teacher 
  2. The ‘how’ part of the short daily tapping routine she has found works best for meeting the wellbeing and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) needs of her students 
  3. Examples of some of the amazing results she has observed from integrating this modality into her teaching practice to help students learn how they can self-regulate when feeling stressed or anxious.

In addition to introducing the Emotional Freedom Technique to students in her school setting with amazing results, Sandy has also introduced it to parents via the online learning opportunity that COVID provided her school community with great results.


Since this interview, Sandra has also introduced short tapping sessions to both teachers and staff to help keep them grounded and focused throughout their working day. To date, these daily sessions have proven to be very successful, bringing staff together in a very positive way. After the tapping, they leave her classroom very calm and centred in themselves.


Sandra (Sandy) o Farrell on EFT for supporting teens with autism in the classroom

Sandra (Sandy) o Farrell is a very passionate Louise Hay Facilitator and EFT Practitioner who has discovered that these modalities complement each other beautifully. These are tools that they can use anywhere, anytime, to help regulate themselves. She feels deep gratitude sharing them in her classroom every day with both her students and staff. Her students are much calmer, more grounded, and much more confident within themselves. She is part of Yvonne Seymour’s online tapping circle in Ireland, which has been her guiding inspiration for bringing EFT into her classroom practice. You can contact her at sandyandzak@yahoo.com