EFT for improved performance in high school theatre class with Sarah Ellis

EFT for Improved Performance in High School Theatre Students

GUEST SPEAKER: Sarah Ellis is an EFT Practitioner and Stress Management Advocate based in Texas who shares her experience with using EFT for improved performance in High School Theatre students. In this interview she talks about:

  1. Why a Theatre Teacher invited her to lead a group tap with her group of about 25 High School Theatre students in their school gymnasium before going on stage. 
  2. Examples of how she applied the EFT Tapping sequence to a Group EFT setting of nervous High School students in both practice performance and Theatre Competition situations.
  3. The amazing results this group of 25 High School students experienced after every group tap they did to help them regulate their stage performance stress before going on stage.

In addition to introducing EFT Tapping to High School Theatre students in a school setting with amazing results, Sarah has also started introducing Tapping along with other mindfulness-based tools for stress management to High School teachers via in-service training. Passionate about bringing the knowledge of stress relief tools to small communities throughout Texas, Sarah will be visiting schools over the coming months to bring in-person tapping and stress management resources to interested school staff and students.


Since this interview, Sarah’s work with schools in Texas continues. She was recently invited to do a Stress Management presentation for an entire school faculty on many techniques to relieve stress, with tapping being the major focus of her presentation. Staff fed back that they were interested in and excited about the information shared. They were open to having her brought back in to learn more about how to do tapping and other stress relief techniques.


Sarah Ellis, EFT for improved performance in high school theatre students

Sarah Ellis received her EFT Advanced Practitioner’s Certificate from the Sonya Sophia School of Living Arts in the spring of 2021. Sarah supports her clients through private EFT sessions, group EFT sessions for students of all ages, lectures for teachers and business professionals, and in-person mindfulness courses. Sarah joyously shares her passion for the Emotional Freedom Technique and other stress management practices with individuals and communities for the goal of healing on a global scale. Learn about Sarah’s services at: https://www.birdandspoon.com/