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Tapping into the Curriculum: Stress Relief from Pre-K to Year 13

GUEST SPEAKERS: Meg Sharland and Bryony Moore share their experience with teaching self-regulation tools like EFT Tapping in the classroom for stress relief and helping students PreK to Year 13 access the curriculum. In this interview they talk about how they organize the training services they offer schools into 3 programs: 

  1. Their Reliever program for relieving stress and overwhelm, helping school staff and students go from high stress to low stress states.
  2. Their Preventative program for building simple 5 minutes a day self-regulation practices into the school day to balance the nervous system and so assure a good foundation for learning.
  3. Their Elevator program for accessing higher brain states for peak performance.

Meg and Bryony are the co-founders of InvestED Education, a company that was awarded “Children Mental Health and Wellbeing Provider of the Year” in the years 2020-2021 as well as 2021-2022. As you hear teacher and EFT Practitioner Bryony Moore explain at the start of this interview, EFT is one of the main transformational tools that they use in their work with schools. You can learn more about their amazing results in schools in the video below.



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Meg Sharland and Bryony Moore are UK-qualified teachers who have founded a training service provider called InvestED Wellbeing. They have worked with schools since 2009. Bryony’s training in EFT and TFT was in 2020 with The Priority Academy. She has worked with various EFT Practitioners and modalities to develop her practice since. They work as a team to embed EFT as part of school life for the whole school’s wellbeing, mental health, and behaviour in the schools they work in. Bryony is an EFT Practitioner who uses her ongoing EFT training experiences to work with Meg on adapting tapping scripts so as to be effective with all children from ages 3 upward. You can learn about InvestED Wellbeing’s services at: investedwellbeing.co.uk/