Tapping in school in 20 rural Kenyan Schools, Barbro Bronsberg and Horace Ongili

4,000 Students Finding Happiness and Good Grades BY TAPPING IN SCHOOL

GUEST SPEAKERS: Barbro Bronsberg (Sweden) and Horace Ongili Osok (Kenya) share their experience of teaching simple stress relief tapping in school tools (Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping and Trauma Tapping Technique) to help 4,000 students access the curriculum and find happiness. In this interview, they talk about how they co-created the Kenyan Schools Project by training teachers in 20 rural schools on how to do EFT and bring it back to their rural schools with amazing results. Improvements that the teachers attributed to the brief daily tapping intervention in school included: 

  1. Student attendance improved; school dropout rates reduced as more students looked forward to coming to school to do the tapping and learn.
  2. Student exam anxiety/panic attacks/fear of failure in exams (‘exam fever’) dropped; incidents of students having meltdowns in exams reduced as students tapped into greater academic confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Student exam results and their confidence in giving presentations in school and beyond improved.

Barbro and Horace have been introducing EFT Tapping and the Trauma Tapping Technique into rural schools in Kenya since 2019 via the Kenyan Schools Project. The video below introduces you to how this project started, how it impacted the lives of so many students in rural areas in such a short space of time (only 3 years!), and their experiences with tapping in school to date.



Barbro Bronsberg EFT Tapping Kenyan Schools Project
Horace Osok Ongili Barbro Bronsberg EFT and TTT Tapping Kenyan Schools Project

Barbro Bronsberg (Sweden) is a social worker, best-selling author on stress and burnout, and (since 2009) Life Coach specialized in tapping away fear of public speaking. She started the Kenyan Schools Tapping Project in 2019, and it now (October 2022) reaches 4000 children in 20 schools. Barbro is Certified in TFT (NaKoTip Norway 2006), EFT (online studies and DVDs like “Steps Towards Becoming the Ultimate Therapist” training with Gary Craig, Lesley Gibson, and other EFT teachers 2011), and Certified in TTT (Peaceful Heart Network 2020). 

Horace Ongili Osok (Kenya) is a teacher, Team Leader of the Tapping Team Kenya, and a tapping practitioner. Trained by Barbro Bronsberg (EFT TFT 2019) and Certified in TTT by Peaceful Heart Network (2020), he happily shares his tapping knowledge and skills to help people live happier lives. 

You can learn more about this Kenyan School Project at: barbro-bronsberg.com/tapping-project-in-Kenya-that-I-started.html