HL IB Maths Aris Grivas IB Diploma

How To GET A 7 In HL IB Maths

WHAT’S THE ISSUE: Ever heard an IB HL Math teacher saying things like “Maths isn’t like History/English etc – you’ve either got it, or you don’t”. Or “You’re either good at Maths, or you’re not.” Parents sometimes say this. Students sometimes say this. The bottom line is, you’re more likely to hear people talk about the ability to improve in in HL IB Maths in a way that is not very Growth Mindset oriented. It suggests that if someone achieves by the end of 5 in their IB1 year, then they can’t really get a 7 in the final year. Well Aris Grivas has an interesting story to share that puts some of these assumptions to the test.


Aris’ IB Maths story isn’t any old success story – here is someone who succeeded in turning around his initial achievement of a 5 in HL Maths, so that the time his final IB2 exam rolled around, he was able to achieve a 7.

Moral of the story: It can be done.

Can you say: Inspirational (with a capital ‘I’)? I certainly think so.

Ms Vardaki

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