EFT for Sports Performance in School with Dr Tom Hanson

EFT for Sports Performance in School

GUEST SPEAKER: Sports Psychologist, Dr. Tom Hanson, talks about doing EFT for sports performance in school and beyond. Tom has been doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with adult athletes as well as Middle School and High School students for sports performance since 2003. In this interview he talks about why:

  • he started doing EFT Tapping for sports performance 20 years ago
  • EFT Tapping can be successfully introduced to groups by first starting with individuals
  • EFT Tapping has proved to be a more useful tool for working with students who are stuck in sports performance anxiety (the ‘yips’) than what he learned from 9 years in College! 

Tom specializes in eliminating the ‘yips’ – an extreme anxiety condition that afflicts baseball players, golfers, tennis players and more.



Dr. Tom Hanson frees athletes and business leaders to live their dreams. His client list includes the New York Yankees, Microsoft, Harvard University, Pepperidge Farms and all levels of entrepreneurs and athletes. Tom hung up on Gary Craig during a teleseminar in 2001 (“this could never work”), then met Gary at a seminar in Boston in 2003 and took his DVD training. He was also certified in Robert Smith’s Faster EFT in 2013. He makes extensive use of EFT to work with athletes suffering from the “yips” – performance anxiety that blocks them from accessing their talent. You can learn about Tom’s work at: YipsBeGone.com