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Professional Speaking Services

WHAT’S NEW: I offer the following types of professional speaking services in support of student or staff wellbeing on stress management, school-related anxiety, mindfulness and academic success:

  • 30 – 90 minute live talks  (including Q&A session) for school assemblies, INSET training, talks for parents, conferences. 
  • 30 – 90 minute live talks (including Q&A session) for organization organizing educational conferences for secondary education 
  • Customized 2 minute – 60 minute educational pre-recorded video demonstrations or talks for schools or organizations

Here’s a recorded example of Eleni talking to a live virtual audience with over 2,000 participants.


Keynote presentation title: “Stories From My Life: Successes, Failures and Finding my Purpose.”  [Jump to 08:30 minutes to go straight to the start of Eleni’s presentation]

Presentation description: In this talk, you will hear personal stories of successes and failures from my life as an IB Diploma student and my life after the IB. I hope these stories inspire you to move beyond a binary ‘success’/ ‘failure’ outlook on learning and life, so that you can thrive.

Presented at Breaking Horizons IB Students Conference: The Breaking Horizons conference was “aimed at students or graduates of IB World Schools, to promote critical, creative and reflective thinking and, above all, an international and open mind through a multicultural interaction space. At the event, participants will share experiences and learnings related to the IB model of education. Take advantage of this opportunity for development and growth. Transcend, break your limits”. – Prepas UPAEP IB World Schools, Mexico.


“I finished watching your keynote speech and it was amazing from start to finish. It was so unique because you made a point, include a personal anecdote in the form of a story and finished off with a takeaway message that students could implement in their own lives. It’s such a simple yet effective way of delivering value to the audience. I loved how blunt you were when you would share your personal stories and takeaway messages. You didn’t beat around the bush and were so candid when you talked about your failures and successes, which is something a lot of people don’t do. It empowered the audience to take charge of their own wellbeing.”

Augustine Nthenge
Augustine Nthenge
Community Specialist for the IB

“I met Eleni through a post on the official IB website. Later, I invited Eleni to participate as a speaker in the IB Students Conference “Breaking Horizons”, held by Prepas UPAEP. In her talk, she shared valuable advice from her personal experience as an IB graduate about how to face the challenges presented by the IB programs. Her whole presentation was very interesting, especially the ‘academic success tips’, which are meaningful ideas that current IB students could use as inspiration to re-evaluate the meaning of the concept “success” and all that they can learn after completing IB programs.”

Ulises Alarcon, IB History Teacher
Ulises Alarcon
IB History Teacher, Prepa UPAEP Santiago

“Eleni participated as a keynote speaker in the IB Students Conference, Breaking Horizons, held by Prepas UPAEP. In her talk, she addressed more than 2,000 participants who learned how to manage their emotions and focus their strengths on the challenges involved in the IB programmes. She spoke from her own experience as an IB graduate and provided meaningful advice from her expertise in stress management and academic achievement. Her talk will definitely impact the students’ development.”

Fernando Duran
Fernando Durán
Principal, Prepa UPAEP Santiago


Contact: eleni@elenivardaki.com 


Eleni Vardaki Youth Mentor & EFT Practitioner

Eleni Vardaki was part of a minority of IB Diploma teachers who experienced the programme from the perspective of a student. She completed her IB Diploma at the Anglo-American School of Moscow in 2004. She now works online supporting students, parents, teachers, schools, and organizations. For more information about her offerings: elenivardaki.com/work-with-me