Greetings, lads and lasses, dudes and dudettes (or whatever else you like to be called),

Time for another episode of ‘Let’s Talk About the IB’!

Now you may say – but I don’t even do HL IB Maths…so what’s this video got to do with me?

Well to start with, the study skills that Aris Grivas shares with you in this video can be applied to achieve success in your other IB subjects. There are study principles that Aris used to achieve a 7 in HL Maths that you can use for IB History, IB Psychology, IB Economics, IB Biology, etc.

Second, Aris’ IB Maths story isn’t any old success story – here is someone who succeeded in turning around his initial achievement of a 5 in HL Maths, so that by the end of the first year of the IB he achieved a 7. He maintained this success into IB2.

Moral of the story: It can be done.

Can you say: Inspirational (with a capital ‘I’)?

I certainly think so.

Until next month!

Ms Vardaki

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