Dress for success - Marina Tzavellou with Eleni Vardaki

Dress for Success: The Language of Clothes

WHAT’S THE ISSUE: How can you create a capsule wardrobe that decreases your decision-making stress? Marina Tzavellou is a Style and Image Consultant who has taught me how to create a capsule wardrobe that’s helped me reflect my personality AND save my decision-making power for important work and life choices…as opposed to fretting over the mundane decisions of what to wear! Marina believes that everything we wear is like a word. So by the time we walk out of the door in the morning, we’ve already created a ‘sentence’ of who we are, and how we feel about ourselves. In this interview you will learn:

  • why investing in courses with a personal stylist saves you money, long-term.
  • why creating a capsule wardrobe will reduce your morning stress.
  •  how educating yourself on your personal style can help you create a capsule wardrobe that reflects your personality. 


ELENI VARDAKI: For someone who is thinking about Image Consulting, they might think that’s something that celebrities or stars do. What would you say to that?


MARINA TZAVELLOU: Image Consulting is something for everybody. Not only actors and actresses.


It’s a process of self-discovery.


We have developed customized style consultations for women and men of all ages, and as well as for teenagers.


You learn the way of looking your very best for any occasion, whether it is formal or informal.


This is really an asset-finding mission. It easy for me to find 20 assets on each person, but the ones that you find on yourself will be even more important to you. 


I help you discover your assets and teach you how to project the very best aspects on your appearance. 


Everyone is far more attractive than you think you are


You learn a lot of things about yourself.


You will learn how to create a capsule wardrobe that works for you.


You save time and avoid wasting money by knowing how to shop smart, and you get really good value for the clothes you buy. 


You learn how to create, plan, and organized a capsule wardrobe that works for you – for your lifestyle and for your budget. 




ELENI VARDAKI: Tell us a bit about this idea of the language of clothes?


MARINA TZAVELLOU: Yes, it’s very important.


I can say that every item in your wardrobe is a word.


So when you get dressed in the morning and you walk out of the front of the door and tell the world everything about yourself.


When you dress, you’re making a sentence about yourself. 


There are some items that are more important than others, and give the biggest messages about you. 


So the best tip I can give you on that thought is to say that the biggest words are accessories. They’re very useful, and they give you a big boost, every day. A statement necklace or eyeglasses make all of the difference to the simplest outfit. 


The area of the body from the head to the belt is the triangle of communication. 


I teach you how to add points of interest to your outfits in order to give additional impact and authority (how to dress for success!).




ELENI VARDAKI: If a parent or a teacher is watching this, you know how could they apply this knowledge to reduce their stress, in the morning, for example?


MARINA TZAVELLOU: When you have completed this exciting journey, you know exactly what to wear each morning.


You’ll know how to dress appropriately for every occasion.


You will have already decided and planned which item is for which purpose. By doing this, you’ll have items for every occasion in which you know you will look and feel fabulous, without hours of uncertainty. 


The feeling that you have a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear will disappear.


Because many people have a lot of clothes and in the morning they’re confused, and they think they don’t have anything. We wear about 15% of our clothes 85% of our time. 


Now the trick is to understand, what it is about that 15% that makes it so wonderful? 


My aim is to reduce your wardrobe to one third of what it is, now, and give you three times more to wear. 


So you will always look great whatever your status is in life, and you will feel confident and comfortable with your look, and you will not feel any stress.


ELENI VARDAKI: Yes, I remember the first time when we went through my wardrobe.


I felt like: “I don’t know why, but I don’t want to wear this. It doesn’t feel comfortable.” 


And you’d to be like: “Well this is why, because this doesn’t work, or that doesn’t work and this doesn’t match you.”


Now I’m like, “Oh, now I get why it isn’t it working”. 


It was so cathartic being able to dehoard and get rid of all of that.


So thank you very much, Marina.


MARINA TZAVELLOU: Thank you also for inviting me, thank you.