Anna Mariou Makariou Pithi IB Diploma alumni

IB Diploma Alumni Shares Top Time Management Tips


Anna Maria Makariou Pithi is currently in her 3rd year of university at the American College of Athens (Dheere), which is the oldest American-credited College in Europe. She was a well-rounded IB Diploma graduate with an active, balanced lifestyle and a passion and appreciation for creative/expressive extra-curricular activities, and continues to live a balanced lifestyle where she makes time for life outside of uni deadlines and obligations, as seen in her love for Latin dancing and with how she appreciates family and friends.


Hi, I’m Eleni Vardaki. I first got to know Anna Maria as a dancer, when Anna Maria helped me learn how to dance the ‘Xasaposerviko’ as we prepared for a school show where IB Diploma teachers like myself volunteered to danced with IB Diploma students. That was in 2014.

I then went on to teach Anna Maria in her final year of high school, following a class swap. And that’s when I got the opportunity to witnessed first-hand how impressive Anna Maria’s time management skills were.

Anna Maria clearly stood out to me, as she was one of the few students who not only managed to stay on top of all the homework deadlines in order to get all of her work done on time (in spite of the relentless pace and pressure of the IB Diploma and the challenging Theory of Knowledge course I was teaching), but she always did so with a cheerful attitude, and a smile.

This is why, 3 years on, I really wanted to invite Anna Maria to talk on my show. And I hope you are as delighted as I am to have had this  opportunity to dive into her mind and how she thinks.