Surrogate tapping eft for helping your child in school with Pearl Lopian

Surrogate Tapping EFT May Help Your Child in School

GUEST SPEAKER: Pearl Lopian is a Psychotherapist and EFT Practitioner who has found that working with mums who want to help their child in school by doing Surrogate Tapping EFT (distance tapping) can work well for clearing a child’s emotional blocks that are linked to their relationship. In this interview she talks about:

  1. Why she offers Surrogate Tapping EFT as a service to help mums help their child in school.
  2. Real-life examples of children whose happiness in school improved immediately after their mum did Surrogate Tapping EFT with Pearl.
  3. A simple distance tapping exercise that mums can practice on their own to help them practice validating their child’s feelings – as opposed to trying to change them. 

Pearl is a qualified EFT Practitioner who specializes in working with mums who suspect that a difficult birth experience or some other aspect of their relationship with their child may be worth tapping on as a way of helping their child. She has found that when working with the mum to do distance tapping for a child of any age (from a newborn to even an adult child) who is open to receiving help, fears that originate with the mum can be cleared in the child.



Surrogate tapping EFT with Pearl Lopian

Pearl Lopian is a Master Trainer of Trainers, Accredited by EFT International. She has specialised in Tapping Sessions with mums to clear anxiety and fears in their child/teen, without them being there for many years. This kind of distant tapping, known as Surrogate Tapping EFT, has proved highly effective in helping her clients help their child with any school challenges they may be experiencing. Pearl has also trained hundreds of therapists to incorporate EFT into their therapeutic practices including educators, psychotherapists, life coaches, and psychologists. Learn more about Pearl’s services at: