I’m a UK-qualified teacher experienced in coaching school students in preparation for:

  • the start of the school year / semester / term (clearing the fear or anxiety from just thinking of going back to school or university).
  • written mock exams and final examinations (GCSEs, IGCSEs, A levels, IB Diploma, European Baccalaureate, Greek Panellinies exams)
  • oral exams and assessed presentations
  • university/college application interviews (both online and in-person)
  • school plays, oral exams, assessed presentations, and other non-academic areas of school life that can bring up performance anxiety
  • High School curriculum tests and exams 
  • Middle school curriculum tests and exams (Greek, international, American, British, and European school system)
  • Upper primary (last 2 years of Primary School) tests and exams (British and international school system)

I’ve also coached adults for their goals related to their:

  • university application interviews
  • university/college exams and resits
  • dissertation draft and final submission deadlines (undergrad)
  • assignment deadlines (postgrad)
  • assessed school placement lesson observations (teacher training certification)
  • university oral exams (undergrad medical students in the UK)
  • GMAT exam
  • Yoga Instructor exam
  • Gestalt therapist qualification assessments
  • EFT Practitioner qualification exams and case studies/practical assessments

Much of this work involved EFT Tapping for goals – tapping away any stress or anxiety blocks to them achieving their academic success goals in a personalized academic 1:1 program. Sometimes learners who are mentally preparing for important exams want assistance with organizing their exam study schedule. So we look at what they have to study a few weeks before their exams so that they can maximize their chances of exam performance success through good time management.

In general, the main challenges students of all ages want to work on with me are: back-to-school/back-to-university stress, study procrastination, low academic self-confidence and self-esteem, exam/test anxiety, panic attacks/blanking out in tests or exams, time management, study area organization, study habits, concentration problems, motivation problems, fear of failure, and study workload overwhelm.  

For some learners, their well-being issue is compromised because of their study and self-care habits. In these situation, we agree to work together on helping them set new healthier habit goals and to help them to replace their old stress-based habits (e.g. avoiding sitting down to study/procrastination, stress eating before studying) that they are ready to change with new study/organization habits and healthier morning/sleep routines.

Others learners have already established good study and sleep/self-care habits. So we agree to go straight into focusing on helping them reduce their test/performance/exam-related stress, panic, fear of getting a panic attack in a particular test/exam, fear of failure, problem/motivation concentrating, or the big negative emotions that come up when they think about opening a textbook they have to study.


€70 for a 1-hour session

€240 for a 4-session package

€600 for a 12-session package

Complementary 30 min. Zoom meeting to talk and see if it’s a match.

Contact: eleni@elenivardaki.com