Josephine Zoulias gap year


It’s not uncommon for IB students to feel so much pressure to go straight to university after doing the IB Diploma, that they may even begin to doubt themselves and that inner voice that is telling them to go for a gap year, first.

The higher education industry is booming, and in places like the UK, represents a significant part of the British economy not only because of the tourism that historical universities like Cambridge attract, for example, but also because of the higher fees that oversees students pay.

Add to the mix beliefs (or rather, misconceptions) of people who may automatically see gap years in a negative light. Plus the fact that taking a gap year is not how most IB Diploma graduates decide to spend their time…you can understand why taking a leap of faith in that direction could feel a bit scary and make someone worry about whether it is the right decision for them, at that point in time.

If you are an IB Diploma graduate  who’s currently taking a gap year, you may be able to relate with some of what Josephina Zoulia (graduating class of 2015) has to say in this month’s interview.

As for those of you doing the IB or about to start the IB, even if you don’t see yourself wanting to take a gap year, you may want to keep this episode in mind if you know a friend who would be interested in taking a gap year. #sharingiscaring!

Josephina Zoulia is a kind and caring individual, who cares deeply about people as well as animal welfare. She’s never done anything like this before, and I was touched by her courage and willingness to challenge herself by trying something new in joining me to film this video for you guys.

We hope you like it and find it helpful!

Take care,

Ms Vardaki

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