2020-2021: upcoming STRESS RELIEF workshops with Eleni

In these online workshops, you will learn how to use a a gentle but effectively stress management tool called tapping. Tapping, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is an evidence-based, self-soothing technique for releasing stress from the body. It combines Modern Psychology with ancient Chinese medicine, and has been shown to significantly reduce our cortisol levels (the primary stress hormone that floods our brain). When we tap our way out of the fight-flight-freeze stress response, we reduce our cortisol levels and gain access to the thinking part of our brain. As a result, we can then make wiser and more mindful decisions, because we act from the front part of our brain, which is responsible for higher order thinking and mindful attention. This is why tapping to release stress has been found to improve concentration in school and university age students. Tapping away stress also supports people in becoming more self-motivated, inner-directed, and resilient in times of stress (as opposed to depending on external factors, circumstances, people or rewards for motivation and to determine your decisions, feelings or thoughts).  If you’re curious to see what tapping can do for you and how it works, join me on Zoom in one of my upcoming tapping workshops

november 2020: ONLINE workshop for teachers

When: Saturday November 14th 2020, 5pm-6.30pm (Eastern European Time)

Buy your e-ticket here: Teacher Workshop [Delivered in English]

Limited availability: Maximum 6 participants [SOLD OUT]


When: Saturday 5th December 2020, 8pm-9.30pm (Eastern European Time/Athens, Greece)

Buy your e-ticket here: Parent Workshop [Delivered in Greek]

Limited availability: Maximum 6 participants [SOLD OUT]


January 2021: ONLINE WORKSHOP FOR high school students

When: Saturday 30th January 2021, 5pm-6.30pm (Eastern European Time)

Buy your e-ticket here: Workshop for High School Students [Delivered in English] 

Limited availability: Maximum 6 participants 

February 2021: ONLINE workshop for parents

When: Saturday 27th February 2021, 5pm-6.30pm (Eastern European Time)

Buy your e-ticket here: Workshop for Parents [Delivered in English] 

Limited availability: Maximum 6 participants 



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Eleni is a certified and accredited EFT Practitioner. EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique, also commonly known as ‘tapping’.  Tapping is a new self-soothing technique that combines modern Psychology and acupressure points to gently and effectively release stress from the body.  Click here, and here, to read articles Eleni’s written about what teenagers, university students and adults can get out of using tapping as a stress management tool.