In this interview you will learn:

  • Why men and women are suppressing their feminine energy 
  • How to know when you’re being in your masculine or in our feminine   
  • How learning about feminine energy can help you improve work life or personal life



Teena Evert is a Speaker,  Author and Feminine Presence Coach 

Teena inspires and empowers women to deepen and strengthen their greatest currency: their feminine presence. Her extensive background as a marriage and family therapist, relationship and feminine presence coach, paired with her honest, gripping, compassionate speaking style fuses personal and spiritual growth with professional development. Success-driven conscious women are moved to consider new possibilities in their quest to inspire change and have a greater impact in the world, and these are the kinds of women Teena specializes in working with.


Eleni Vardaki is a Youth Mentor for stress relief.

Eleni loves helping students learn how to focus more, stress less and motivate themselves in her freelance mentoring work. She also enjoys working as a part-time Middle School and High School History teacher. As a classroom teacher in a leading international school in Athens, she explores ways of building well-being education into her classroom practice. As a freelance mentor, she teaches students how to improve their study skills and emotional self-care habits. Her one-to-one mentoring programs help students learn how to change their habits to change their life, so that they can achieve more with less struggle and stress.