IB Diploma stress management tips

IB Alumni Shares His Stress Management Technique

This month’s episode of my show, ‘Let’s Talk About the IB’, represents something of great personal significance for me. 

You see, Daniel Casado Serra and I share something special in common: we both graduated from the Anglo-American School of Moscow.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also share someone special in common: we were both taught IB French by the same teacher, Mrs Agnes Waller who saw me through my IB French exams back in 2004 (…baaack in the day…!) 

And as if that wasn’t enough (!!!)….Mrs Agnes Waller (who I remember talking to me and my classmates as we waited nervously to be allowed in to our first IB French exam to wish us good luck) recently taught someone (aka Daniel) as his IB French…who I previously taught here in Athens (IGCSE History Grade 10)!

…Can you say, “small world”…?!? I think so.

This episode is also special because it was recorded back in June in a TOTALLY impromptu manner! Daniel happened to be in Athens with his family for a few days this summer.

With no time to plan what the video topic would be or to explore what questions Daniel would like to focus on in his video, we seized the opportunity to meet one afternoon since he was in town and just go with the flow.

I appreciate Daniel’s courage in agreeing to put himself out there and sit in front of a camera to share his story with the world at very short notice.

I also appreciate his courage in choosing to talk about stress; talking about a topic that takes one back into temporarily re-living emotionally painful moments is hard work. Yet it’s so incredibly helpful for future generations of conscientious IB Diploma graduates who want to hear from people who’ve been through what they’re going through, and who are open to sharing their personal challenges and what they did to cope in order to achieve their goals.


Ms Vardaki

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