Parent Wellbeing Workshop with Eleni Vardaki

Parent Wellbeing Workshop

WHAT’S THE ISSUE: How can parents with kids who are High School/Uni/College students help their child who is stuck in too much school-related stress, when the parents themselves are experiencing overwhelming levels of stress

This is why I’m offering parents an online stress relief workshop where they can learn how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to self-sooth and bring their own cortisol (stress hormone) levels down; unprocessed parental stress does not help a child. If anything, it makes things worse;  it adds to a child’s own stress in the home learning environment.

In this tap-along online workshop, parents learn:

  • how to tap so that you can use EFT Tapping to self-sooth when you’re feeling stressed. 
  • what words you can say (either in your head or out loud) to help you explore and process stressful emotions when you do a tapping meditation. 
  • what else you can do to stay grounded when you are experiencing overwhelming levels of stress or anxiety.

It’s particularly important for the parents of kids who have fallen behind with school-work to regularly self-sooth and stay calm; many kids who are struggling right now need adults to help them calm down through co-regulation, so that they can focus on school work again.

I made this video is for parents like you who would love to learn more about what to expect, if you decide you want to join me live on Zoom on February 27th 2021 at 3PM-4.30PM GMT.


Curious to tap-along with me so that you can see how you can add tapping to your stress management ‘toolbox’? If you prefer reading over watching videos, you’ll find the video transcript along with some additional resources below.


Hi, my name’s Eleni Vardaki. I offer private and small group support services to parents, teachers, and students who are keen to learn new tools and techniques for managing and reducing their stress levels.

I started developing my knowledge and experience of these tools and techniques in 2012, when I suffered from PTSD. That led me to discover the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is one of the most powerful self-soothing tools I’ve found (and most effective) for reducing really intense stress.

This is why I offer these monthly workshops to parents, teachers, and students who are interested in learning how to do tapping meditations and how to use this self-soothing technique, where you tap on certain acupressure points.

And that helps release stress on the emotional level. But we also have research, now, the evidences the biological impact of tapping to reduce stress. So we now know that our cortisol levels are very significantly reduced when we tap.

I’ll have links below where you can look into the research on EFT, which stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is what I teach in this workshop:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping: Research Updates & Historical Overview


What you can expect from this workshop is an educational experience where you will learn how to do the Emotional Freedom Technique when you are feeling stressed, frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed (all these emotions that can be associated with stress), in order to process and reduce the intensity of those emotions.

And ultimately, to get the information that the emotion is there to give you. Because emotions aren’t bad. Emotions are sources of information. The question is: how do we use that information so that we can use it in a constructive way for our relationships, for our work, for our goals?

Rather than letting it affect our health in a destructive way, which is what happens when you go to the doctor. And the doctor says, “Oh, that skin condition that’s because of stress” or, you know, “This problem you’re having (whether it’s a stomach problem or a headache or recurring migraines) is because of stress.”


Well, here we have a tool that you can use to work on that emotional component of the stress or of the pain that is stress-related, both for prevention and also for managing symptoms and reducing the symptoms that are related with somatic stress.

What this workshop isn’t? So what we don’t do, here, is it’s not a therapeutic experience. That is something that requires perseverance and patience and time, where you will regularly and routinely apply this tool and technique to reduce your stress, in order to bring about changes in your life. Whether it is changes in habits, changes in states of being. So that’s a longer process, which if you are interested after the workshop, I’m happy to answer any questions, if you’re interested in learning more about my 6-week program for parents who are interested in doing small group tapping with the goal of more long-term benefits.

Alternatively, you are very welcome to join the workshop just for that educational learning experience and to have a go yourself, creating your own emotional self-care routine or adding the tapping techniques that you learn into your own emotional self-care routine, on your own. And I will be providing bonus materials that can help you get started, on your own.

I hope you found this video helpful in deciding whether you want to join this online workshop. You’ll find more details below. Take care. All the best.


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Eleni Vardaki Youth Mentor & EFT Practitioner

Eleni Vardaki offers private and small-group stress relief services online to parents, teachers, and students. Her mission is to help bridge the gap between mainstream education and the wellbeing skills students need to thrive in the 21st century. She believes that if you care about student wellbeing, it makes sense to also care for the wellbeing of those who care for them. 


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