Parent group in Kifisia, Space to Talk, co-hosted by Sara Strieth-Vatsella and Eleni Vardaki

Parent Group in Kifisia

WHAT’S UP: Starting Wednesday 31st January 2024, Sara Strieth-Vatsella (Psychologist-Psychotherapist) and Eleni Vardaki (Educator-EFT coach) are co-hosting a parent group in Kifisia. Sara and Eleni offer a supportive space to explore parental needs and lead parents through group EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) exercises and psychoeducation.


Parent group in Kifisia, Space to Talk, Kyriazi 6-8, Kifisia, 145 62

WHAT: A series of drop-in support sessions from January 31st-February 21st. 

FOR WHO: Parents struggling with yelling, fighting, or managing their anxiety regarding any of the following issues with their child/teenager:

*Acting out/tantrums/meltdowns
*Excess screen use
*Not listening
*Sleeping late and/or not wanting to go to school
*Stress and anxiety
*Lack of motivation and procrastination

It’s also a safe space for parents who are worried about their child’s safety given the rise of peer to peer violence both in and out of school.

WHEN: Wednesdays 11:00-12:30 starting 31/1/24. Next one is on 7/2/24.

WHERE: Space To Talk, Kiriazi 6-8, 145 62 Kifisia. Zoom participation possible if you can’t make it in person.

€35/session pay as you go
€30/session for multiple sessions paid in advance


TEL: 694 8278023 (Sara), 698 3753137 (Eleni)



Check out the effectiveness of EFT Tapping for stress relief (and more).

Papers listed below show EFT impacts cortisol, HRV, epigenetics & the brain (we now have 4 fMRI brain scan studies proving EFT’s effectiveness).
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Parent group in Kifisia with Sara Strieth-Vatsellas

Sara Strieth-Vatsella is a counselling psychologist and an integrative psychotherapist who is passionate about working therapeutically with teenagers and parents. She loves offering psychoeducation from the positive psychology perspective, in Greek and English.

She has worked in the national health systems of Greece and England, in schools, in municipal mental health services and since she received the European Certificate of Psychotherapy in 2009, has been working in private practice. As of recent, she owns her own Mental Health Service, called ‘Space to Talk’, in the heart of Kifisia.

Apart from work, Sara is also passionate about caring for her own family, about reading, making crafts, biking in nature, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Eleni Vardaki - educational articles and collaborations for individuals and schools

Eleni Vardaki is certified in therapeutic coaching using Emotional Freedom Techniques (Level 1, 2, and 3 with EFT International, UK). She loves tapping with groups of parents who want to reduce how triggered they feel by their child’s behavior/difficulties so that they can help their child by being more self regulated in tough moments.

Born in Zimbabwe, she lived in 6 different countries as a child and adult before coming to live and work in her home country, Greece, for the first time in 2012. Before qualifying to work as an EFT Coach in 2020, she worked as a secondary school teacher at the St Catherines British School of Athens. 

In her free time you will find her in nature, reading books, spending time with family and friends, or enjoying the amazing entertainment, personal and professional development events that Athens has to offer.


Get in touch with either one of us to RSVP. Limited availability.

TEL: 694 8278023 (Sara), 698 3753137 (Eleni)