IB Diploma Alumni Talk About The Design Industry


Milly Rose Gunn & Myrto Katrinaki are former IB Diploma students who’re here to talk about their university and work experience insights for people who want to work in creative businesses – particularly ones in fashion and games design.

Other than the fact that they are, as you can see yourself from their interview, fundamentally collaborative people (and thus a joy to work with), these ladies are also unique individuals who understand the importance of professional relationships, speaking up and putting yourself out there for 21st century business.

And I’m  excited to share this video of their talk with you, because there are so many IB Diploma students out want to go into the creative businesses industries, like fashion, or games design…but are feeling stuck. They don’t know where to start. They love producing art, doing drama, etc…but they don’t know how they can make a living from their passion, and how this relates to the modern-day world of creative business and work opportunities.

Myrto and Milly cover a lot of ground in a very short space of time with a range of practical advice and success mindset insights that are aimed to helping creative pre-IB and IB students who would love to hear some advice on work and uni from successful IB graduates. Enjoy!


Hi, I’m Eleni Vardaki. I first got to know Milly and Myrto when I was assigned to teach their Higher Level IB History class.

What I loved about the girls was how they had both took responsibility for their progress. I remember how impressed I was with Millie’s maturity, when she showed up to her parents evening meeting with me alone. Millie’s mother, a fellow colleague and IB English teacher, was unable to join Millie during her IB parent’s evenings, as she was working herself to see the parents of her IB English students to discuss their progress. And I remember feeling amazed with the grace and maturity with which Millie received the feedback of where she was at and what her targets were.

Myrto impressed me for a different reason; she took it upon herself to go through a massive transformation in IB2 History as she learned to self-discipline herself and reach a whole new level of expertise in her essay writing and critical thinking skills, after realizing that she had to take responsibility or organizing herself better. I remember how she came out of her HL History exam devastated by how hard it was for her to focus because of a painful tooth ache. She had to be rushed off to the dentist for an emergency appointment right after. She wasn’t well for those exams, but she came in anyway and gave it her all, because when it comes to IB exams and uni applications, re-taking an exam at a later date isn’t an option. So you’ve got to do your best  and persist no matter what – which Myrto certainly did.