We all go through hard times at multiple points in our IB lives. Anyone who’s done the IB knows that.

I myself am a former IB student and I now teach IB Diploma students as part of my job. As a TOK and IB History teacher, I’m very aware of the challenges my IB students are going through. Loukia Ktena, a recent IB graduate of May 2015, agrees with me on the need for more IB graduates like ourselves to work together so as to provide good quality content that helps IB students feel less alone in their effort to solve their IB life problems. We’ve been through it, and we want to help.

So this month, Loukia and I got together to talk about her memory of both the good times and the hard times of her IB experience. The result was this short video, which contains some personal anecdotes of both high points and low points. All three of the principles Loukia talks about in this  month’s episode of ‘Let’s Talk About the IB’  come from her genuine interest in wanting to help IB students move beyond the goal of simply ‘surviving’ the IB. We hope you find it helpful.

Take care,

Ms Vardaki

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