In this interview you will learn:

  • What we communicate through our signature…without even realizing we’re doing it!
  • Handwriting warning signs that tell us someone is experiencing stress or trauma
  • An easy way to relax your brain when you’re under a lot of stress

Speaker: Kathi McKnight

Kathi McKnight is a certified Master Graphologist.

  • Author and internationally recognized master certified graphologist Kathi McKnight has analyzed thousands of handwriting samples since 1991. President of the Rocky Mountain Graphology Association, she is regularly sought out by the media for her upbeat “slant” on handwriting analysis.
  • She loves to “edu-tain” her readers and audiences by showing how graphology can be used to enhance professional and personal relationship. And learn about yourself, too! Kathi has been featured on Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox TV,  Today Show, Washington Post, TEEN magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Sport Illustrated and much more. She even reveals how to change your writing to change your life.
  • Using humor and deep insight, Kathi keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they learn about this fascinating, ancient and very revealing science.
  • To find Kathi and download her free gift go to

Interviewer: Eleni Vardaki

Eleni Vardaki is an educator who’s worked with over 2,000 adults and teens over the last 10 years.

She designs personalized training programs for people who want to feel more confident when:

  • revising for exams
  • expanding their network
  • meeting new people
  • preparing for interviews
  • preparing for public speaking
  • managing your time
  • achieving more, with less stress
  • looking for a life change

In her virtual mentoring programs, she works closely with people who want to reach their goals with more ease and joy (aka less struggle and stress), so as to have the energy to enjoy life more.

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