Hi, I’m Eleni. My work as an EFT Practitioner is specialised in stress, anxiety, and academic success blocks. I offer 1:1 EFT Tapping services via Zoom. 

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as ‘Tapping’ or ‘EFT’ for short) is different from Emotionally-Focused Therapy (also abbreviated EFT). Emotionally-Focused Therapy is a talk therapy approach, not to be confused with EFT Tapping which uses a combination of cognitive and body-based (somatic) methods to reduce stress. In EFT Tapping, we use a tapping process with our fingers to stimulate acupuncture points on the face and body to effectively reduce stress. 

One of my intentions in all of the work I do is to help people feel better and achieve their goals in as few sessions as possible. This is one of the reasons why I trained to become a qualified EFT Practitioner with EFT International, and why most of my mentoring programs with school-age students are EFT Tapping sessions. Because I’ve found EFT works more effectively and efficiently than just talking when coaching people to help them achieve their goals.

EFT Tapping is an evidence-based stress management technique that has been found to offer quicker and longer-lasting results in comparison studies with the Gold Standard talk therapy, CBT. EFT sessions are not a ‘quick-fix’ (there is, of course, no such thing) for more complex wellbeing or academic challenges. But I’m continually in awe at how gentle but powerful EFT Tapping is. 

You can build EFT into your daily emotional self-care routine as part of your self-soothing mindfulness practice to help yourself maintain resilience, body awareness, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and clear inner barriers to achieving your goals. Because as we know, our Emotional and Social Intelligence are not a given; our social and emotional skills are negatively affected by a build-up of chronic stress or acute stress.

I offer private EFT Tapping sessions for tweens/teens and adults who want to work with me on clearing their inner blocks to achieving their goals and improve their wellbeing. I coach people who are ready to take preventative steps for their mental health by improving their emotional and physical self-care habits (…and when working with students, study and time management habits). 


JANUARY-MARCH 2012: Started doing the biological component of EFT Tapping to support my nervous system by relieving my stress in between sessions with a qualified trauma therapist (EMDR) to successfully recover from work-related PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2016: Completed a self-study online tapping course to learn how to do both the psychological and the biological components of EFT Tapping for my wellbeing and preventative mental health reasons.

2016-2018: Deepened my personal EFT Tapping practice by reading books on tapping and Energy Psychology.

AUGUST 2009-2016: Worked full-time in schools serving in a range of roles (A Level, IB, IGCSE, and GCSE History teacher, IB TOK teacher, TOK Coordinator, etc) and types of schools (British state school, private IB World School). Under my care, the results of my students who were preparing for rigorous academic assessments consistently resulted in good to great performance in external assessments.

JUNE 2016-2018: Re-negotiated my full-time permanent contract with a private IB World School to turn it into a part-time permanent contract so that I could start working to support students with academic success blocks using my academic coaching and teaching skills. 

DECEMBER 2018: Started using EFT Tapping as a stress relief tool when coaching young people in my private practice. Noticed most of my clients made quicker progress when we used EFT Tapping than when we used other mindfulness-based tools and types of meditation for stress relief. In awe at the effectiveness and efficiency of the results! So I wanted to get myself certified and learn more about how to apply these tapping strategies to help my clients achieve their goals quicker and with more ease.

AUGUST 2019: Became a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner with EFT International.

FEBRUARY 2020: Became an accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner with EFT International. Qualified to extended my EFT Tapping services to adults. After qualifying, I resigned from my part-time permanent contract working for a classroom teacher in an IB World School to grow my private practice offering my EFT Practitioner services to parents and teachers as well as students, and to start offering staff training services for IB World Schools as an independent Educational Consultant.

SEPTEMBER 2020-TODAY: IB / international schools started hiring me to work virtually with their staff for stress management, student and staff wellbeing, and body-based Social Emotional Learning training as an independent Educational Consultant.

FEBRUARY 2020-DECEMBER 2022: Committed to investing in continued professional development. Highlights of my professional development experiences:  

  • May 2020: Trauma-Focused EFT Workshop, led by chartered Psychologist and accredited EFT and EMDR practitioner, Christina Buxton.
  • June 2020: Trauma Summit, hosted by Action Trauma.
  • November 2020: “Women, Trauma, and Mental Health: Empowering Women With the Skills and Insight to Thrive“, hosted by PESI UK.
  • January 2021: Intergenerational Trauma Conference, hosted by Action Trauma. 
  • July 2021: Teachers Matter Online Conference, hosted by Karen Fui Boyes.
  • October 2021: Young Hearts & Minds Conference, hosted by Action Trauma.
  • February 2022: Global Mindfulness in Education Summit, hosted by Dr Helen Maffini and Dr Chris Willard.
  • February 2022: “Considerations for Working Safely with Children and Trauma”, led by Dr Amy Gaesser.
  • March 2022: “Online Educators Retreat”, led by Amy Burke and Kevin Hawkins.
  • March 2022: “I Stress, Eustress, We Stress: Exploring the Evidence for EFT’s Effectiveness in Transforming Stress”, symposium hosted by EFT International.
  • March 2022: “Growth Mindset in the Classroom: Online Conference for Educators”, hosted by the Big Life Journal.
  • June-July 2022: “Social and Emotional Learning, and Positive Development”, ENSEC (European Network for Social and Emotional Competence) Conference
  • June 2022: “Sneaking Up on the Problem (and Away with the Boxing Technique)”, live EFT training teleclass with Dr Peta Stapleton.
  • August 2022: “Tearless Trauma Technique”, live EFT training teleclass with Dr Peta Stapleton. 
  • August 2022: Began working through the advanced EFT training as a member of EFT HQ from Evidence-Based EFT by Dr Peta Stapleton. 
  • August 2022: “Tapping in the Classroom”, self-paced training for teachers and school counsellors led by Dr Peta Stapleton.
  • September 2022: “Tapping with Children”, live training led by EFT Guild member Deborah Sampson.
  • October 2022: “Chasing the Pain and Tips from our Clinical Trials”, live EFT training teleclass with Dr Peta Stapleton.
IB / international schools started hiring me for in-person staff training for student and staff wellbeing, stress management, and body-based SEL applications based on my experiences to date.
I continue to regularly invest my time and resources in training with the world’s leading experts such as Dr. Peta Stapleton’s Evidence-Based EFT HQ. I’m also committed to keeping up with the latest developments in trauma-informed practical applications for my trauma-informed work with individuals and international school.



Here are some examples of the kinds of things students (from Primary School level all the way to Uni/College level) in my private practice have said about EFT: 

  • I don’t really feel any sadness, because at school in between lessons, to work on that sadness, I tapped during the break. I had some thoughts. I realized I went back to the points of where I felt sad, so I could basically picture that moment in my head…so let’s say maybe that was 10 minutes long, within some of those 10 minutes (of tapping), I realized there might have been something happy happening whilst that sad thing was going on. So there’s nothing to be sad about if there are happy stuff.” – Year 5 student
  • Tapping has helped me create better art. I tap, I think about what I want to draw, and I do it. When you look at my before-tapping drawings and my after-tapping drawings, you can see that it’s on another level. I think EFT helps connect with the human senses. Sports and arts are something human. Tapping is kinda like a booster before you do something. Tapping has also helped me when I wanted to study for an exam because I didn’t want to fail, but I felt boredom, tiredness, and like my brain was completely melting when I tried to remember stuff. Before tapping, I would open the book, but I couldn’t understand what I was reading. So a part of me wanted to play video games rather than study. After tapping I felt boosted so I could concentrate and study.” – Grade 11 student 
  • “I am feeling a bit stressed about the Maths exam, but I’m feeling comforted knowing that I’m gonna tap. Because I know I’m gonna study, I’m gonna tap, and it’s gonna be okay. Because I have these techniques.” – Year 8 student.
  • “Since I’ve been doing this tapping thing, I’ve been thinking, ‘Why should we not do this in schools?’ I think it’s a lot more useful than, like, Pascal’s triangle! It’s a lot more useful.” – Grade 12 student
  • Tapping helped me realize my blockages were fear of failure and not having good study skills. The tapping helped me build a good habit of scheduling and managing my time better and getting things done, so I could make better progress on my dissertation.” – Final Year University student (Undergrad)
  • I was so skeptical of it. I’d watched some videos on YouTube about EFT. I was very skeptical. But 1 hour in, it clearly works. What did it for me was the fast results. Getting relief after only 1 session. Even if it was just something small, it’s still relief. So yeah, I’d say 10/10!” – Year 12 student
  • Woot woot!! It has been a productive, focused like crazy, and mindfully eating day! I just submitted my Masters assignment, over 24 hours before the deadline, and feel great. Thank you for your guidance, and for really inspiring me to look into tapping more.” – Masters Student & full-time Primary School Teacher

To be clear, these come from students who have experienced EFT Tapping within the context of a broader ongoing support program; successfully learning any new skills takes time. You can learn more about my 4-session and 12-session tapping support packages by visiting my Work With Me page. This Student Voice sample is simply intended to give you a general sense of some of the thoughts students have expressed about tapping at different stages of their tapping sessions and self-care journey.


These EFT session recordings give you a sense of what working with me as an EFT Practitioner is like for achieving goals. Participants gave informed consent for these EFT Tapping sessions with me to be recorded and are happy for these educational resources to be published on my website. 


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Yes. The Emotional Freedom Technique isn’t the only tool I use when supporting teens and adult students who want to release excess stress and anxiety so that they can make quicker progress. But it forms a big part of our work together in any given program, because it works. 

No. About half of the students I mentor are Middle School and High School students. The rest are either adult university students of all ages, professionals preparing for an important exam for their career progression, or tweens in upper primary (Grade 5 and 6) who are experiencing high levels of school-related stress or anxiety.

No. Only Psychologists/Psychiatrists who are licensed mental health care providers with the skills and qualifications to diagnose and treat mental illnesses can do that. I’m a UK-qualified teacher and EFT Practitioner who is specialised in stress, anxiety, and academic success. My areas of expertise are education and EFT Tapping.

If you suspect that you (or your child, if you are a parent seeking help for your child) may be experiencing a mental illness such as Panic Disorder, PTSD, clinically diagnosable levels of Depression, or any other medical conditions that may related to a build-up of chronic stress or acute stress in the body, you are responsible for seeking advice from the appropriate licensed medical professionals.

I have age-appropriate screening tools that even GPs in the NHS (English medical system of public health) use to know whether I can help. I can’t help with the ‘severe anxiety’ or ‘severe wellbeing issues’ range of stress. What I offer are 1:1 preventative care EFT and coaching programs that support wellbeing, not treatment programs for mental illnesses or addictions. 

I can help people change their habits and emotional state when they are still in the ‘moderate’ and ‘moderate severe’ wellbeing issues states, so that they can prevent their problem escalating into something more serious, like a Panic Disorder; that would involve seeking treatment with a licensed mental health practitioner.

QUALIFIED EFT Practitioner

EFT-International-Logo-1200 official online quality

Eleni is a qualified EFT Practitioner, certified and accredited by EFT International. EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique, also commonly known as ‘tapping’. Tapping is a new self-soothing technique that combines modern Psychology and acupressure points to gently and effectively release stress from the body. If you want to hear an example of an adult student doing an EFT session with Eleni, click here.


"Eleni’s talent lies in the fact that not only is she a highly skilled EFT Practitioner, she has deep intuition and vast experience of helping people. Her innate ability to combine these talents makes for a powerful transition when you work with her. Highly recommended!"
Marlene Rose Shaw - Therapist, Coach, Self-Help Author
Marléne Rose Shaw
Therapist, Coach, Author
"I briefly experienced EFT (many years ago). I cannot say I was very excited. When I met Eleni I thought I would give it another chance. The lady rocks!! She is so good in taking out everything there is in your mind. She is so good in managing to bring you back to life. She is so good in making you "go again" and find out what holds you back. Eleni, a big big thank you for all your effort, for all your love in what you do and all the courage you gave me through rough times."
Georgia Papademetriou
Georgia Papademetriou
Nerve Reflexologist, Ear Acupuncturist