In this short video for boosting body awareness, Eleni Vardaki demonstrates the 8 key points of the EFT tapping sequence

This is an experiential learning video where you learn by just having a go so that you can see what works for you.


Hiya, and welcome to this short follow along tapping demonstration.

Let’s begin. We start by tapping on the side of the hand. So we can tap with two, three, or four fingers. See what you prefer. This is the starting position. It’s like Home Base. You want to come back here whenever you want to check in with yourself to see how you are getting on.

Now, I’m going to show you the first of the eight points for the EFT tapping sequence. You can start with the eyebrow, but I like starting with the top of the head. I just find it easier to go through all the points from top to bottom.

Next, let’s go to the eyebrow point, which is right at the start of the eyebrow. Have a go tapping with one and two hands, and see what you prefer.

Side of the eye. That’s the third tapping point. So again, you can tap with one hand with two or alternate – just have a go and see what you prefer. I sometimes like to tap just with one hand, sometimes with two…you know, on different days, you might be in a different mood. You’ll find that the more you tap, the better you’ll get at knowing what it is you need.

Because this is a demo, I’m showing you different ways that you can tap on each point. Sometimes people worry, like, “Am I doing it right? What’s the perfect way to do it?” But as long as you’re generally tapping in that area, you’re fine.

People also ask how many times you should tap on each point. Count how many times you are tapping on this chin point right now under your mouth. If it’s more than six or seven, you’re doing great.

Okay. Let’s move on to the collarbone point. Again, you can use two hands. You can use one. See what you prefer.

And last but not least, under the arm. Just a few centimeters under the armpit. Again, you can do it with one or two hands.

Then we take a nice breath in…and notice how you feel. And before you know it, you’ve done a full round of tapping. 


EFT Tapping points
  1. Top of Head
  2. Eyebrow
  3. Side of Eye
  4. Under Eye
  5. Under Nose
  6. Under Mouth (Chin)
  7. Collabone
  8. Under Arm


It’s important to tap through the 8 key tapping points whenever you are doing a tapping meditation, as their location has been found to be important in research that compared the effects of these 8 points with sham points for reducing stress. But if you want to bring in a bit of variety to just mix things up a bit, you may sometimes feel like swapping out the EFT “Home Base” Karate Chop tapping on the Side of the Hand for another grounding “Home Base” tapping position – the Butterfly Hug. 

Some students prefer the Butterfly Hug as a starting position for a tapping meditation, because they feel like they’re giving themselves a comforting hug as they tap. Try them both and see what you prefer.

To tap on the Side of the Hand, you use the fingers from your other hand to tap on the highlighted area. To do the Butterfly Hugcross your thumbs over each other so that your hands form the shape of a butterfly, as you gently rest your thumbs on the little nook at the base of your neck and tap in an alternating (left-right-left-right) sequence.


  • The more we tap the better we feel. I encourage you to do your tapping meditation as often as you can to get the most out of it.
  • In the first week, I recommend that you try to do your 5 minute tapping meditation that’s been sent to you via e-mail once a day, and after that do it as often as you need.
  • The thought “I don’t have time to do this meditation again” will come up for you at some point. Remember this phrase when you feel time-starved: “less haste, more speed.” When we rush into doing our work or studying for an exam, it can actually sometimes take us longer to get to our destination quicker. 
  • If your goal is to improve your academic achievement or to do well in a subject, slow down to first make time to do your tapping meditation BEFORE you try to face the assignment you have to do, or the test / exam you have to study for
  • Tapping helps you think more clearly and access the problem-solving part of your brain. This in turn will help you think of ways to get the work done better, quicker.
  • The more we tap, the easier it is to think of solutions to our problems, because our stress response calms down and it makes it easier to concentrate, motivate ourselves, and get going. So try to make the time you need to tap your distressing feelings down to as close to a 0/10 as you can – your future self will thank you for it!