Jessi Kneeland interview, Stress Body Image and Body Confidence

Body Image and Stress

GUEST SPEAKER: While body image problems are widespread among girls and women, this is a wellbeing topic that we rarely talk about. In this interview, Body Image Coach, Jessi Kneeland, speaks to the following issues:

  • Why are body confidence issues so widespread among girls and women?
  • How can body image issues be more subtle and insidious than just the obvious manifestations (anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia)?
  • How can experiencing the stress of personal trauma relate to understanding and resolving body confidence issues?


Jessi Kneeland Body Image Coach interview

Jessi Kneeland is a Body Confidence Coach, writer and speaker.  She is on a mission to help women break free from body image issues, and finally learn to love their whole bodies – unconditionally. In 2017, Jessi did a great Tedx talk titled “Body Image: Not Just About Your Body”. On top of nearly a decade of experience as a personal trainer in NYC, Jessi became an iPEC certified life coach. She now lives in upstate New York and works with clients from all over the world, remotely.