In Tapping For Academic Success, Eleni Vardaki teaches University and pre-University (Grade 12) students a stress management technique called EFT tapping that helps them tap into academic success. It is a self-study EFT crash course for academic success that includes everything students need to know for how to use EFT Tapping to overcome emotional, cognitive, or physical blocks that may be holding them back from achieving their academic potential. Tapping is being used in schools and Universities / Colleges all over the world by students who want to make quicker progress without excess stress, anxiety or procrastination.


These short student meditations for adult students and pre-Uni (Grade 12) young adults are designed for busy people; we can all squeeze a short 5-minute meditation into our day (even with the busiest of schedules). 


If you’re getting good results from talking about your study problems with someone that that’s working for you, great! 

EFT Tapping is a self-soothing way of processing accumulated stress in our body that goes beyond the everyday types of stress that we can just talk our way out of. When we tap our way out of the stress response to a test/exam or assignment, we feel more relaxed and able to make wiser time management choices. By moving out of the emotional brain and into the thinking brain – the Prefrontal Cortex – students can access the part of their brain that is responsible for time management, self-organization, and problem-solving thinking. 

EFT meditations help us to become more aware of what’s blocking us from being able to concentrate or from being able to motivate ourselves, so that we can solve the problem at it’s root. Simply talking about our problems can bring temporary relief, but it tends to stay at the surface level of a problem.

No, these products are for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students, as well as adult students (Undergrad, Masters, PhD candidates).

Yes. You will get an email with clear instructions of how to access your course/download purchase.

Given that you can easily consume these digital products within a day following purchase, we feel it’s fair to not provide any refunds following a product purchase.


Eleni is an Educational Consultant, a Youth Mentor and an EFT Practitioner, certified and accredited by EFT International. 

She offers individuals, schools and organizations products and services that support parent, teacher and student wellbeing. EFT stands for the Emotional Freedom Technique, also commonly known as ‘tapping’. Tapping is a new self-soothing technique that combines modern Psychology and acupressure points to gently and effectively release stress from the body.  

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Eleni Vardaki Youth Mentor and Workshop Leader