In this interview you will learn:

  • What is life coaching? Who is it for? (And who it’s NOT for)

  • The achiever word for ‘fear’

  • The DDE Formula for living life on your terms

Speaker: Nadia Georgiou

Nadia Georgiou is a Certified Life Coach and a Master In Strategic Intervention Coaching.

  • At the age of 40 and while on the top of her international corporate communications career, she decided to turn the page in her life.
  • She founded “It’s my life” life coaching services and today she works with women who want to live life on their terms and with children of all ages, especially teenagers, from all over the world.
  • With a strong belief in the infinite power and the unlimited potential we have within us, Nadia coaches her clients so that they discover their personal strength, break their fears, bring in the forefront their passion and live a life of creativity and fulfillment. She gives them the tools, know-how and confidence to conquer every new goal. Nadia is certified in Yoga Laughter, Pranic Healing and Body Mirror System of Healing and Self Knowledge.
  • She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and a Master’s in Communications and Public Relations. She speaks four languages and loves traveling, the arts, children’s laughter and red wine. She is married and has a daughter.
  • You can find her at:

Interviewer: Eleni Vardaki

Hi! I’m an educator who’s worked with over 2,000 adults and teens over the last 10 years.

I design personalized training programs for people who want to feel more confident when:

  • revising for exams
  • expanding their network
  • meeting new people
  • preparing for interviews
  • preparing for public speaking
  • looking for a life change

In my virtual mentoring programs, I work closely with people who want to reach their goals with more ease and joy (aka less struggle and stress), so as to have the time and energy to enjoy life more.

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