In this interview you will learn:

  • How exam-related stress can link to work-related stress
  • How practicing creative hobbies can turn into a business
  • How to deal with the “What are you gonna do with your life?” question…when you don’t really know

Speaker: Hayley Richardson

Hayley Richardson is a Photographer, Creative Coach and Instagram Teacher

  • Hayley Richardson is an Aussie-born and London based photographer, creative coach and Instagram teacher who’s obsessed with The Beatles.
  • She helps creative business owners recognise their natural strengths and talents and communicate their value clearly with their audience.
  • To find out more about her work, visit her website at:
  • And to access her free gift, please CLICK HERE. Enjoy!

Interviewer: Eleni Vardaki

Hi! I’m Eleni. Online mentor on a mission to help girls and women who want to make a bigger difference in the world through the way they live their lives.

In my virtual mentoring programs, I work closely with people who want to change their habits to change their life. The goal is for you to learn how to achieve more…AND enjoy your life more.


Want clarity on a vision for your weekdays that feels good to you?

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