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Help for IB Diploma Students

Let’s Talk About The Importance of IB Students’ Health and Happiness

We all go through hard times at multiple points in our IB lives. Anyone who’s done the IB knows that. I myself am a former IB student and I now teach IB Diploma students as part of my job. As a TOK and IB History teacher, I’m very aware of the challenges my IB students are going through. Loukia Ktena, a recent IB graduate of May 2015, agrees with me on...

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Getting 45 IB Diploma Points Isn’t Always Good Enough: Here’s Why

This month, I had the honor of interviewing a wonderful father of two IB graduates, who also happens to be a senior representative for the EU diplomatic service. He met me earlier this month, en route from Baghdad to Brussels, specifically to make this video to help parents who are new to the IB Diploma. I hope you enjoy this exclusive window inside the heart and...

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Valia’s Time Management Tips for IB Diploma Students

More than 40 IB points? Like…how?! And yet. Meet Valia Katsis. A down-to-earth former IB (and IGCSE) student of mine who got a phenomenal 41 IB points. Valia proves that it CAN be done. You can do well in the International Baccalaureate Diploma and still have fun. AND (this is a big one) you can do well in the IB AND meet coursework and homework deadlines. I...

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