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Help for IB Diploma Students

Why Take a Gap Year? A Successful IB Graduate’s Perspective

By on Jun 28, 2016 in Help for IB Diploma Students |

It’s not uncommon for IB students to feel so much pressure to go straight to university after doing the IB Diploma, that they may even begin to doubt themselves and that inner voice that is telling them to go for a gap year, first. The higher education industry is booming, and in places like the UK, represents a significant part of the British economy not only...

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Let’s Talk About The Importance of IB Students’ Health and Happiness

By on Apr 17, 2016 in Help for IB Diploma Students |

We all go through hard times at multiple points in our IB lives. Anyone who’s done the IB knows that. I myself am a former IB student and I now teach IB Diploma students as part of my job. As a TOK and IB History teacher, I’m very aware of the challenges my IB students are going through. Loukia Ktena, a recent IB graduate of May 2015, agrees with me on...

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