I’m Eleni. World citizen of Greek descent.

Lifelong learner.

Lover of sushi, sun and making things fun. 



I believe emotional education matters just a much as mainstream education.

According to the World Health Organization (March 2017): “Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide”.

Studies show that girls and women’s emotional health and well-being are most at-risk.

We live in a world were girls and women are scared to shine with confidence, for fear of being attacked or judged.

A world filled with judgement, where girls and womens’ emotional needs are dismissed, not listened to, stomped on.

And so they shrink. They make themselves look small. They play small.

I believe in a world where girls and women challenge the status quo to speak their truth, thrive and shine.

I respect the important and challenging work that psychologists, hypnotherapists, energy healers, and trauma specialists do with their clients, in this time of global mental health crisis.

And I love building on the important work of these practitioners through my virtual mentoring work with girls and women who want to take their life from ‘I’m well (and surviving)’ to ‘I’m well (and thriving)’. 




I’m an educator and a confidence training mentor.

I do virtual coaching work, mostly with girls and women, to help them find their voice, so that they can learn how to stand up for themselves, and feel better about their future, and about their life.

I work with people who want to make a difference in the world…WITHOUT sacrificing their health and well-being.

Beautiful souls who want to learn how to achieve more, with less stress.

I know it’s hard.

You’re not alone.

I’ve been there, too.

That’s one of the reasons why I do the mentoring programs that I do.



Born in Zimbabwe, I grew up in countries like Pakistan and Sudan.

I was raised in cultures where the voices of girls and women were, in one way or another, suppressed, silence and rarely truly heard. 

And I went on to work and trained in more than 7 schools in Europe and Africa. All populated by women. All led by men.

So I had to work hard to find my voice and have the courage to speak my truth.

This is a global issues of our time that crosses borders, cultures, and industries.

Can you relate?




I believe confidence is like a muscle – the more you work it, the stronger it grows.

And there is always a ‘next level’ of confidence to learn.

I wasn’t born confident; I was born shy.

All I know, I had to learn.

I had to learn how to stop hiding by the food/drinks bar when networking and making new friends.

I had to LEARN how to overcome confidence crises when revising for important exams.

I had to learn how to move from being successful to feeling successful.

I had to LEARN how to overcome struggles with body confidence.

Learning how to overcome fear of public speaking was a challenging goal, not a gift.

I had to LEARN how to take better care of myself.

To treat myself like a human being, rather than a human do-ing (which I did in previous chapters of my life as I struggled to  power through 3 to 5  massive “To Do” lists…at the same time. Day in, day out. Often feeling like I had to skip lunch to get it all done and make it through the day.)

I had to learn how to continue getting amazing results through my work of helping people achieve their goals… without sacrificing my health and well-being.

Are you ready to learn how to value yourself, your work, and your time more fairly?



For you to have read this far, it means there’s something that’s bothering you right now. Something you wanna learn.

Where are you at with your hopes, dreams and goals?

What do you wanna learn to go from where you’re at right now…to where you wanna go.

How can I help you?