Focus More · Stress Less · Motivate Yourself

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Where is my expertise coming from?

  • Personal experience: In this course, I’ll reveal the powerful and effective mindfulness and success visualisation strategy I developed and integrated into my study routine when I was revising for my IB Diploma exams back in 2004. The well-being skills I developed in my final year of the IB Diploma helping me move from anxiously striving to consciously thriving while revising for and participating in challenging exams.
  • Professional experience: I’ll also be sharing attitude shifts and practical tips (that work!) for how you can turn the stress of important exams into an opportunity to develop your well-being skills. This advice is drawn from my experience of 10 good years of teaching and mentoring 300+ ambitious IB Diploma, European Baccalaureate, A-Level, GCSE and IGCSE History, and undergraduate college students who were learning to navigate the stress of rigorous exams.


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